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Neighbours’ Kiri Durant to fight for future with Nicolette Stone


Next week on Neighbours, Kiri and Nicolette seem poised to succeed, but the couple will right away encounter a fresh challenge.

When they first started dating, they were at River Bend, but Nic’s explosive personality turned Kiri off, so she instead started seeing Nic’s ex-girlfriend Chloe.

But Kiri and Chloe were not meant to be, and their romance ended before it really got started, in part because of Kiri’s unresolved love for Nic.

It is also not surprising because recently, Nicolette had started attending church with Kiri. The next week, Kiri believes it is time to tell Nic how she actually feels about her.


Kiri whisks her off back to River Bend in the hopes that they can rekindle the magic they experienced there previously, minus the terror and bloodshed that had previously transpired.

Nicolette, however, is unaware of Kiri’s emotions and keeps her composure, maybe a little too composure.

However, Kiri’s strategy works, and she and Nicolette have an open discussion about everything that has occurred as well as their potential future together.

The two are obviously thrilled to be on the same page and they make no effort to hide it as they walk back to Ramsay Street arm in arm.


Unfortunately, they hardly have time to take in the new information when Kiri learns of a permanent opportunity to return to River Bend.

Will Kiri be saying goodbye to Nicolette and Ramsay Street?

There are a number of well-known individuals who also have plans to relocate next week, so Kiri is not the only Ramsay Street inhabitant who appears to be packing up their belongings. As the last episode approaches, it appears that everything in Erinsborough will alter completely.

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