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Neighbours spoilers:is David and Aaron’s family will lose another one of the member ?


In Neighbours, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) have been through a lot in the last few weeks, and they’re clinging to their little family by their fingertips. But they’re about to lose one of their most significant members; will the Brennan/Tanaka/Stone family fall apart as a result?

After being caught up in the ordeal at the Hive, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) was understandably angry, and she was out for Brent’s (Texas Watterson) blood after he put her and her baby’s lives in danger. She became enraged when Aaron and David continued to choose the violent teen over her, considering what he’d done. Nic gave them an ultimatum: if they want the boy, they must get rid of Brent and Emmett.

It would have been difficult for them to choose, but the decision was made for them when Jenna, Emmett’s mother, suddenly arrived in town with all the assurances they dreaded: that she could give Emmett the new life he’d always desired.

All eyes were on Nicolette, who was suspected of staging the reunion to get rid of the thorns in her hand, but it was actually Paul who called Jenna.


Jenna has arrived, and she is determined to bring Emmett to New Zealand with her. Emmett desperately wants to believe his mother has improved, and the prospect of a new life with her tempts him. Can she, however, be trusted?

The wheels of social services are in motion, and Emmett receives the good news he’s been waiting for: he can go with his mother.

Aaron and David are heartbroken, but they understand that the decision is ultimately his. They desperately want him to stay, but they are unable to deter him. When Emmett makes up his mind, he’s leaving, it’s a crippling blow.

It’s a tear-jerking goodbye, and Nicolette and Paul have gotten just what they expected. But how will the soon-to-be fathers handle the loss? Would they take it out on Paul and Nic, the two people who didn’t want Emmett around in the first place, after being under so much tension from all sides for so long? Nic seeks help from Chloe, but will their modern family be able to get through this?


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