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Bella learns the hard way that she isn’t a prodigal photographer in Home and Away.



Bella is confronted with the truth: she isn’t the prodigal photographer she imagined herself to be.

Hello, devoted readers. So I’m not going to tell you a lie. I haven’t watched in a week, but I have a pretty decent notion of what’s going on because to the script’s beauty – which tends to recycle discussions between specific characters with other characters.

I know there’s a lot of fury at Sienna’s treatment of Bella – most likely by forcing her to do menial duties like the coffee run while the girl model (whose name I’ve forgotten) kisses Niakau so he and Bella break up and Sienna can have him all to herself – but it’s just a show, and what a perfect example of what not to do to your staff.

Anyway, Sienna isn’t a concern of mine right now, so I’ll return to Bella.


Bella is upset because she “felt they wanted me for my skills,” despite having dealt with her violent father’s disappearance aka murder and her brother, Colby, going to jail as a result of it.

Bella, you need to grow up. Because your lover claimed you come as a complete deal, it doesn’t matter if you only have your sweet internship with some award-winning photographer because you’re 19.

Bella tells Nikau, “So my internship has nothing to do with my work.”

Nik apparently only learned of this news last night, which I find hard to believe given that he decided to become a model in the first place because Bella was receiving an internship.


All that has changed is that Sienna has threatened to fire Bella if Nik quits his modelling job, which he has attempted to do, and he has demanded that Senna cease “threatening to dump Bella.”

I presume I missed the bit where Nik discovers some beautiful dirt on Sienna and uses it as leverage, but he’s simply expressing himself.

Sienna adds, “It’s nice that you believe you can offer me ultimatums.”

He’s still thinking about quitting, but then he gets a huge huge pay check, and he’s suddenly “pumped” for the next shoot, deciding that standing around in a suit is far superior to the bait shop, and that he can eat as many burgers as he wants at the diner.


Bella exclaims, “Geeze.”

Nik has even decided to be the family’s main bread dinner because he wants to “make a difference.”

And, while we’re on the subject of the bait shop, Alf is so “flat out” that he “hasn’t even had a chance to read the paper today” — a complete tragedy.

He says something pleasant to Nik before returning to his typical grumpiness due to the fact that he needs to pick up a used deep fryer.

While this is going on, Dean, who has no purpose in life now that his ex-wife has taken his child and his other ex-wife still doesn’t love him, weasels his way into the plot by giving Bella a pep talk about the so-called “toxic” fashion industry, which he has no knowledge of.

Dean tells Bella, “It doesn’t matter how you got in the door.”


Tane also lived with Ziggy for a while. Mia lets it slip, breaking Dean’s heart while bringing me enormous satisfaction.

We see scenes of Mia and Ari set to have a romantic meal, while Dean returns home to an empty house and pops open – you guessed it – a beer.

He packs a backpack to go away from reality. He’ll most likely go on a drinking binge, and someone will have to save him. Mac, I’m guessing, will snap out of her stupor to save him.

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