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Neighbours spoilers: Will Hendrix Greyson SURVIVE?


On Neighbours, Hendrix Greyson (Ben Turland) has been putting on a brave face for the sake of his friends and family.

However, as he is carried into surgery for a life-saving lung transplant, the lad is aware that there are hazards involved…

After being exposed to significant smoke after the fire at Erinsborough High School, Hendrix was recently diagnosed with lung illness.

Hendrix boldly ran into the blazing building to save Mackenzie Hargeaves, his then-girlfriend and now-wife (Georgie Stone).


Fortunately, Hendrix was able to find a lung donor, and he can now look forward to a longer life and many more joyful years with Mackenzie by his side.


At Erinsborough Hospital, Hendrix’s father Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards), family friends Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne), and Mackenzie all keep a nervous vigil.

They’re all waiting for news on Jimi Hendrix.


Hendrix finally receives a successful lung transplant after a long wait into the night!

The pleasant family gathering, however, is cut short when Hendrix’s health quickly deteriorates…

Mackenzie, Pierce, Susan, and Karl are shaken by the news that Hendrix’s new lungs are being rejected by his body.

Hendrix’s time is running short without a replacement donor or the possibility of further operations…


Hendrix, Mackenzie, and Pierce had just finished a fantastic brunch in the Kennedy house’s backyard few hours before.

Hendrix was bursting at the seams with energy and tried to lighten the situation with a few jokes.

Hendrix’s health appears to be deteriorating rapidly, and it appears like he may only have a few hours left to live.

How is it possible?!

All we can say is be ready for a TOTES EMOSH episode of Neighbours as Mackenzie, Pierce, Karl, and Susan deal with the horrible turn of events…

Neighbours airs on Channel 5 weekdays at 1:45 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


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