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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson to lose beloved Lassiters to Shane?


Neighbours’ Since 1987, Paul Robinson has intermittently owned Lassiters; nevertheless, is he going to lose control of his cherished hotel?

After negotiating the terms of his divorce with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Paul (Stefan Dennis) is preoccupied with David’s unfortunate circumstance. However, when his old friend Shane (Peter O’Brien) visits the area, it appears that things may be looking up for Paul. Paul practically trembles with anticipation as Shane makes him an offer to start a business venture together.

He accepts the offer and rejoices in the fact that things are finally going his way again, especially now that David’s predicament has also been somewhat resolved. He recommends that they play a round of blackjack to celebrate like they used to, and Shane is more than eager to comply. But Shane has a secret: Tim Collins, whom he recently met, told him about the research he’d done on Paul. Paul is the same old Paul, and Shane realises that he is not a trustworthy business partner.

Paul is delivered the heartbreaking shock that his ideal partnership will not materialise, and he now has sell the entirety of Lassiters to Shane. The worst thing that could happen to him is to lose his hotel, especially after how hard he fought to defend It from Terese.


He is depressed, but just as Leo (Tim Kano) plans some father-son time to uplift him, Paul receives an unexpected opportunity. Will he ultimately be able to save his cherished hotel?

On Monday, June 18, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.

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