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Home and Away Spoilers – UK viewers to see Logan Bennett’s abrupt exit


Logan shockingly decides to leave Summer Bay behind in the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK.

Logan Bennett’s life in Summer Bay seemed to have become much too difficult after a harrowing few weeks (Harley Bonner).

Logan’s hasty decision to reenlist this week may therefore be understood as a yearning for what seem to be simpler times.

Logan was just on the verge of losing everything after being accused of reckless driving that caused a death. Given that neither Logan nor the other motorist, Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe), could remember the specifics of the collision that claimed the life of Millie’s best friend Jo, the police were forced to accuse Logan of speeding as a result of the forensic evidence.


It wasn’t until last week that Xander (Luke Van Os) took a professional risk to alert the authorities about Millie’s regaining of memory and realisation that she was in fact to blame for the catastrophe.

By threatening to report Xander for following her to the police, Millie had been pressuring him to keep quiet. However, it was Rose (Kirsty Marillier) who ultimately got Millie to see reason and come clean.

Even while everyone anticipated Logan to be relieved that the worst that might happen was a speeding ticket, it soon became apparent that Logan had lost hope.

Logan also broke up with Mackenzie (Emily Weir) throughout all of this after being called to Salt to treat Tane for a stabbing and performing a covert operation (Ethan Browne).


This led to the subsequent discovery that Mac had been holding illegal poker evenings at Salt in an effort to pay off debt, the extent of which she had concealed from Logan.

When Logan discovered that Mac had been conned by the recently departed PK (Ryan Johnson) and had almost slept with him in order to pay off a debt she thought she owed him, he had already left the apartment to provide some space.

Even though Mac decided against it, the fact that she had even considered it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and Logan permanently ended their relationship.

Last week at the hospital, Logan had a hostile attitude toward both the staff and the patients. Jasmine (Sam Frost) called Logan out on it.


Logan sternly declined Jasmine’s offer to act as a sounding board and warned her to stop.

Logan responded to Jasmine’s comment that he was typically a very kind guy by saying that being so had not helped him. Before giving up, Jasmine cautioned Logan to remember why he accepted this position in the first place.

Logan has definitely been thinking about Jasmine’s words this week as he sits in his office and examines his medical records.

Logan calls the army and returns to his desk to inquire about re-enlisting.

When Mac visits Logan at the hospital later that day after learning about his problems from Jasmine, he discovers Dr. Bolton (Septimus Caton) in command of the emergency room—Logan has left!

Logan ultimately leaves Mac a voicemail the following day after he has left him a number of messages, apologising and outlining his reasoning for leaving. Logan tells Mac that she is an amazing woman and to be happy before leaving.


Even though Mac is heartbroken, she tells Jasmine that she must respect Logan’s choice.

The final episode of Logan will be broadcast in the UK on Monday, July 18 on Channel 5, but “first look” viewers may see it now, on Friday, July 15, at 6:30 p.m.

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