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Neighbours finale week: all the stars & synopses!


On Monday, May 25, Neighbours begins its final week, which will feature four nights of extra episodes.

Favorites from the prior week will return.

Greg Barnett, the commissioning editor for Channel 5, also spoke with Digital Spy about the production, saying, “(Executive Producer) Jason Herbison kept saying on our Monday catch-ups that he was trying to pull it off, then one day he rang me and said that (Kylie & Jason) both returned to Pin Oak Court (the actual location of Ramsay Street) the day before, and their scenes were in the can. Then he called me to let me know Guy Pearce would be back for three episodes.

“I believe it is crucial to note that these returnees were adamant that the final episode of Neighbours not be focused on them. They were very aware that there was a cast of individuals that had been in Erinsborough for a lot longer than they had, and that their contributions should reflect that.


The drama executive has now openly discussed the decision to discontinue from Channel 5’s perspective.

“As was stated in the news, the programme had been losing Channel 5 significant sums of money every year since the broadcaster purchased it, and it had become a serious issue. The company couldn’t keep losing money, he claimed.

All of the guests for Finale Week in Australia are listed below, along with their synopses as provided by 10.

Slight spoilers!


Monday July 25

Episodes 8892, 8893 & 8894

6:30pm – 8pm 10 Peach

Ben McNair, Melissa Bell, Olympia Valance, Pippa Black, Peter O’Brien, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and Jordan Patrick Smith are among the guest stars.


Izzy tells Karl that she wants to help Mal realise his dream but needs his assistance, so Karl is about to find himself in yet another enormous, Izzy-sized predicament. Realizing that a partnership is out of the question, a despondent Paul mulls over the thought of having to completely sell his hotel to Shane. Jane tells Clive she’s at her wit’s end and doubts they can mend their relationship because of the strain of Byron’s job. Is this the end of Clive and Jane’s journey? Chloe apologises to her housemates upon her return from her vacation but states that she has made the decision to sell Number 24 and move on. Kiri and Nicolette, meantime, are unable to conceal their affections for one another.

Tuesday July 26

Episodes 8895, 8896, and 8897

6:30pm – 8pm 10 Peach

Peter O’Brien, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ian Smith, Olympia Valance, Jodi Gordon, Melissa Bell, Olivia Junkeer, and Benjamin McNair are all included as special guests.

Will Amy be able to control her emotions when faced with the daunting task of having to make Melanie’s wedding dress? The people closest to Paul and Terese are affected by the choices they make as they struggle with some major life issues. What choice will they make as time runs out? Although Number 24 is now formally for sale, it appears that more than one former Ramsay Street inhabitant has their sights set on the property. Susan is once again taken by surprise when Izzy and Mal divulge the most recent development in their relocation plans.


Wednesday July 27

Episodes 8888, 8900, and 8899

6:30pm – 8pm 10 Peach

Peter O’Brien, Natalie Bassingthwighte, Olympia Valance, Daniel MacPherson, Melissa Bell, Benjamin McNair, Olivia Junkeer, Chris Milligan, Zima Anderson, and James Mason all made appearances as guests.

Malcolm must pick between Susan and Izzy, Susan demands. Has Susan made a serious mistake in giving her ultimatum? Jane and Nicolette revert to their former behaviours, and Nicolette muses of moving. Jane worries that by acting like Mrs. Mangel, she has alienated her daughter. While Melanie and Toadie are eager for their forthcoming wedding, it also brings up memories from their past that they need to work through. An old acquaintance stops by to visit Toadie and wish him luck for the wedding.

Series’s Finale

Episodes 8901, 8902, and 8903

7.30pm – 9pm Thursday, July 28 at 10 and 10 Peach

Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Peter O’Brien, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Olympia Valance, Ian Smith, Daniel MacPherson, Melissa Bell, Paul Keane, Bonnie Anderson, Jodi Gordon, Kate Kendall, Scott Major, Ben Hall, Lesley Baker, Nathan Borg, Sally Ann Upton, Morgan Baker, Benjamin McNair, Olivia Junkeer, Chris Milligan, Zima Anderson, and James Mason are among the special guests.

37 years, 8903 incidents, innumerable nuptials, demises, births, and catastrophes later. It’s time to bid Neighbors farewell. Favorites from the past return to Ramsay Street to celebrate with our Erinsborough locals in the drama’s history-making final episode. In a shocking turn of events, adored Mike Young makes a comeback to see old pals after all these years. As repressed emotions surface, Jane and Mike set out on a nostalgic adventure. Karl and Susan are asked by Harold to look after the history book as the guardians. Susan is torn between her emotions as her dear friends leave Ramsay Street. In store for Toadie and Melanie’s wedding guests is some magic from Ramsay Street. Everyone will find something to enjoy in this grand homecoming, which will include watchers from the 1985 opening scene onward.

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