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Home and Away confirms Tane Parata’s fate in court storyline


According to Home and Away, Tane Parata will not be going to jail for his scheme to kidnap a baby.

After weeks of doubt over his future, the Summer Bay gym owner finally learnt his destiny in Tuesday’s Australian show (June 4).

This year, Tane made a grave error by leaving the Bay with Maia, the infant daughter he discovered abandoned on the shore.

After receiving support from his friends Mali Hudson and Harper Matheson, he subsequently turned himself in and returned Maia. This resulted in his being detained, accused, and eventually had to appear in court.


In the most recent episode, Tane’s legal battle persisted, and since things weren’t going well for him, his attorney Marshall took a bold stand.

Unexpectedly, Tane was brought to the stand by Marshall, who questioned him about his intense wish to become a father and how he felt deceived by his separated wife Felicity Newman’s falsehoods about trying for a child.

After speaking with Felicity, Marshall became aware of this challenging past; nevertheless, she was unaware that he would later turn rogue and exploit the information in court.

“Tane Parata is a man driven by a deep-seated need to protect and nurture,” Marshall said, addressing the judge. His actions lacked any malice. He had no intention of hurting the youngster or getting something in return.


“Keeping her safe was his only goal. Indeed, after going through a difficult period in his life, he made some bad choices. Who hasn’t done so?

“Mr. Parata expressed his sincere desire to become a father. He lost his marriage as a result.”

When the judge saw Tane’s acts in this light, she began to feel sorry for him.

Tane was handed a harsh seven-year sentence, but instead of going to prison, he was informed he could serve it back to the community. In order to address his problems, he was also told to get professional assistance.


The judge gave an explanation, saying, “You can serve that time in the community because you will be serving that sentence under an intensive correctional order.

But there are stringent guidelines in place. In order to give you the skills to recognize harmful behavior and stop doing it, I’m also directing that you enroll right away in a training and counseling program.”

The news arrived right after Tane and Harper had spent the night together at the gym, a romantic turn in their friendship. Will Tane choose to pursue a relationship with Harper now that he is free to go on with his life?

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