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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Imogen learns the truth about Levi and Mac’s affair on Home and Away.

In other news, Theo leaves Lyrik, Stevie uses her charm on Cash, and Dana and Xander announce their official relationship.

  1. Dana is apprehended with malice

After her passionate night with Xander, an embarrassed Dana quickly leaves, but Irene and Harper catch her walking the humiliation route.

Dana quickly realizes that she left her phone at Xander’s, but Irene and Harper won’t assist her, stating that she must go retrieve it on her own.


Subsequently, Xander is taken aback to discover that Harper is aware of his hook-up, but he is even more shocked to return home and discover Dana taking her phone out of his bedroom.

  1. After Dana and Xander tie the knot,

As Dana writhes in pain at being discovered searching Xander’s room, he expresses his displeasure at her earlier runaway, claiming he intended to prepare her breakfast.

Xander tells Rose he’s infatuated with Dana but he’s not sure if she feels the same way, so they’re still not sure where they stand with each other.

Fortunately, she does, and the newly formed couple decides to take things official by exchanging vows and sharing a kiss.

  1. Cash declines Stevie

Now that Stevie Marlow’s stalker is in jail and Cash is no longer required to serve as her bodyguard, Eden and Cash can finally unwind.

But the same day, Stevie comes back to the Bay to ask Cash to continue serving as her personal guardian.

Cash is tempted, but in the end he declines the offer. Resolving to meet Cash again soon, Stevie departs town after accepting his decision.

  1. Tane divulges his worries

Five weeks remain until Tane’s trial, so Felicity reaches out to her ex to offer her support.


At first, Tane is resistant, but he soon begins to share his worries about the future.

He acknowledges that even though he doesn’t regret taking baby Maia, he is scared of going to jail and hopes that if he displays contrition, his sentence will be reduced.

  1. Levi dissolves his union

Mac is anxious to find out if Levi has disclosed their affair to his wife.

When she does talk to him, Levi acknowledges that he hasn’t ended things with Imogen yet but that he will the next day.

He keeps his word, and when Imogen gets home from a conference, Levi breaks Imogen’s heart by telling her he’s fallen in love with someone else.

  1. Eden finds herself in the midst

Imogen, devastated by Levi’s treachery, tells him to get ready and head out.


He heads straight to Mac’s, where the couple, relieved to be reunited at last, exchanges embraces.

Eden is caught in the midst somewhere else when a worried Imogen phones and demands to know who Levi’s other woman is.

  1. Eden inserts Mac and Levi there.

Eden tells Imogen that she is no longer friends with Levi because she believes Imogen should know the truth and that Levi has been having extramarital affairs with Mac.

In addition, she is disparaging her brother, calling Levi a jerk who cheats, and telling Imogen that she would be better off without him.

Levi, meanwhile, is hurt when Eden advises him to quit acting like he cares and is determined to deal with Imogen in his own way.

  1. Theo leaves Lyrik

Theo visits a counseling session as the first step toward his recovery.

He tells Leah the truth about what happened and that he will simplify his life as advised by his psychologist.

Leah and Justin are taken aback when Theo declares he is leaving Lyrik; they had assumed he would chose to reduce his involvement in TAFE or his obligations to the garage.

  1. Kirby and Remi back Theo

On the beach, Kirby walks up to Theo, but he can’t get away from her fast enough.

After determining that Theo’s reason for leaving Lyrik is remorse, Justin calls an urgent band meeting to debate the band’s decision to take an additional three months off.

Remi and Kirby both agree that Theo should take a brief break. Does he, however, secretly desire a fresh start?

  1. Bree meets a new romantic partner

When Bree and Remi cross paths, she informs him that she doesn’t mind that he is seeing Stevie.

Kirby pushes Bree to go back out there even though she knows she isn’t at all comfortable with her ex moving on.

Bree heeds her friend’s advise and follows through, striking up a romantic relationship with the dashing Nelson.

  1. Stevie demands that Cash be returned.

Remi and Stevie continue where they left off when Stevie returns with her entourage.

The movie star is keen to keep Cash on as a security guard and threatens to bring her film to Summer Bay if he refuses to work for her elsewhere.

Cash is reluctant, but Stevie manages to convince him, and before long, they are shaking hands.

  1. Alf backs Roo’s aspirations

When Roo announces that she has chosen to follow her ambition of being an emergency foster caregiver, her loved ones will be delighted to hear the good news.

The concept of welcoming needy kids into their house doesn’t sit well with Alf, and Roo is upset when she hears her father voice his worries in a private phone conversation.

However, after discussing the situation with Roo, Alf understands how important fostering is to her and promises to support her in making it happen.

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