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Neighbours Spoilers – Is Clive cheating on Jane?


The following episode on Neighbours in the UK, newcomer Byron discovers a connection between Clive and one of his sassy clients and starts to worry that he might be cheating on Jane!

Beginning on July 4 in the UK and July 14 in Australia, these sequences will be broadcast.

Even though Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) didn’t appear on Neighbours very frequently in 2022, he left a lasting impression when he did.

The Kennedys had dinner at Clive’s opulent apartment earlier this year with Toadie (Ryan Moloney), Mel (Lucinda Cowden), and Jane (Annie Jones), and the experience made Karl (Alan Fletcher) realise he wanted to give Susan (Jackie Woodburne) a comfortable life similar to what Clive could provide Jane.


This prompted him to spend $200,000 and nearly break his marriage by investing in Montana Marcel’s (Tammin Sursok) cosmetics brand.

When David (Takaya Honda) and Freya (Phoebe Roberts) admitted their involvement in Gareth’s death, Clive also made an appearance. This plot will have serious repercussions in the coming weeks as David faces an emergency in prison.

Now that Clive is returned, the attention is largely on him and his relationship with Jane.

Joe Klocek’s character, Byron, is about to learn something significant about the director of Erinsborough Hospital. Surely the doctor isn’t having an affair?


We now know that Byron Stone, Jane’s “golden kid,” is leading a double life. He told Jane that he is staying in Erinsborough when he unexpectedly showed up there last week.

He secures a position at Rebecchi Law for the upcoming week, but soon begins skipping meetings and giving sensitive information to an unidentified person. It is later discovered that he works as a gigolo on the side.

A gigolo is “a young guy paid or financially supported by a lady, often an older woman, to be her escort or lover,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

It is still unclear who is funding Byron and what they want to do with his private papers. His extracurricular activities, however, are about to reveal a significant secret.


Byron first encounters his mother’s boyfriend when he attends a family dinner. He is shocked when he hears Clive’s voice, though. He rapidly realises that Danielle, one of his clients, and Clive may be connected in some way. that undoubtedly can’t be good.

He believes Clive is having an extramarital affair with his mother, and he is desperate to find out why.

Clive is no stranger to sneaking around, and after breaking up with Sheila Canning, he and Jane kept their relationship a secret for a period of months (Colette Mann).

While it didn’t take him long to move on from Sheila, at least he done so before, and Clive and Jane appear to be a good match; surely the doctor isn’t secretly flirting behind Jane’s back?

But Clive is obviously concealing something!

Nicolette too harbours certain unfounded fears, but these pertain to her brother. She has noticed Byron’s peculiar behaviour, and it appears that she is about to learn about his sultry extracurricular activities.


She begins looking into Byron’s personal life without learning from the errors she made while looking into Glen, and she finally confronts him about it. He admits they have a far greater issue at hand when she challenges him, though.

As the week progresses, Byron’s inquiry runs into a few obstacles. However, collaborating with Nicolette to look into Clive draws the estranged sibling and brother closer and enables them to communicate in a manner they have never been able to before.

It is now clear how committed a Stone is to learning the truth, and soon it will be revealed.

Is Clive actually having an affair with Jane? Or could his relationship to Byron’s customer have another, as scandalous explanation?

Also the following week, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) is taken aback to find that Nicolette is accompanying Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) as she returns to church.

After Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding, Chloe and Kiri spent the night together and were shocked by how awkward it was. Although there had been sexual tension between them for weeks, when it came down to it, there was just not the right feeling.

Then, this week, Chloe turns to Kiri once more as she searches for a diversion from David’s issues in jail, but once more the atmosphere seems off.

So, when Chloe finds out that Kiri and Nicolette have been attending church together the next week, she forces herself to be sincere with Kiri, and the two of them finally have a sincere discussion about their future together.

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