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Neighbours Spoilers – Harold turns to Joe Mangel for advice


On Neighbours in the UK the following week, Harold goes right to the source of his worries about Melanie Pearson. Will his case be supported?

Beginning on July 11 in the UK and July 19 in Australia, these sequences will be broadcast on television.

John Mangel

Harold Bishop, a cherished resident of Ramsay Street, certainly hasn’t given the moniker much attention lately.


In reality, it has probably been more than 15 years since the two last shared a space. Kerry (Linda Hartley), Harold’s late daughter, was married to Joe (Mark Little), however Joe’s last trip to Erinsborough was in 2005 for Sky, his adopted daughter, to turn 18.

This week, Harold calls Joe to gather information about a resident of Erinsborough, but he gets a surprise.

Harold has been caught up in a little bit of a predicament ever since returning to town.

He was introduced as the confidant of angsty teen Zara (Freya Van Dyke), who was anxious about her mother Amy, as soon as he arrived in town (Jacinta Stapleton).


Amy has been missing her beloved pal Toadie for a while now (Ryan Moloney). He’s happy in his relationship with raucous Melanie, which is unfortunate for the mother of three children. They share a home with Amy, and as if that weren’t awful enough, they are engaged and live together.

Zara enlisted Harold’s assistance and persuaded him to assist her in separating the marriage. He didn’t want to become involved, but he did offer his assistance in another way: he would keep an eye out to see if he could get any information for her.

Harold is starting to feel anxious because the wedding is coming up soon. Harold is obviously apprehensive about participating in the couple’s wedding preparation sessions.

Melanie is highly perceptive in this regard and picks up on the idea that Harold is acting oddly.


She eventually comes up to him and demands to know all the details.

Unfortunately, he is forced to speak the truth to Melanie about how he feels about her at this point. and it’s not pleasant.

Melanie finds Harold’s words to her to be incomprehensible. She had assumed that they were friends after all this time, but it is now evident that she was wrong.

Melanie is compelled to put up a front for her engagement party because of his nasty statements.

In Erinbrough, a party is never complete without a few dramas, and this one is no exception. The day doesn’t get any easier with the shocking comebacks of Toadie’s feisty mother Angie Rebecchi (Lesley Baker), Mal Kennedy (Benji McNair), and Izzy Hoyland.

The drama of the day comes to an end as the engagement party comes to a conclusion. Melanie feels unfortunate to have to take the brunt of her future mother-in-jabs law’s while Angie is still in town. Angie is fiercely protective of her baby, much like she was with Sonya (Eve Morey). Melanie appears to lose her cool when Angie pushes her too far, though.


When the gloves are off, Ramsay Street is in the middle of World War 3.

Angie and Melanie

Who will triumph?

Harold, meantime, continues to be troubled by his fears that Melanie will wed Toadie. Concerned about what the future might contain, Harold gets in touch with Joe Mangel, Melanie’s ex-husband, to get the lowdown.

But Joe’s revelation alters everything. He may not have been completely truthful about what transpired between him and Melanie thirty years ago, it appears. Joe, who is regretful, clarifies for Harold the cause of their divorce.

With his tail between his legs, Harold walks over to No. 30 and apologises to Melanie and Toadie.

Will the couple be able to forgive their longtime pal for his transgression with the wedding just around the corner?

The person Joe Mangel.

The son of Nell (Vivean Gray) and Len Mangel (John Lee), Joe is a true blue okka, and he landed in Erinsborough after being located by his niece Jane Harris (Annie Jones) after her niece discovered his pistol in the backyard of No. 32.

Shortly after, Joe and Mrs. Mangel worked hard to mend their relationship until he finally moved in with her. Joe said goodbye to his mother when she went to the UK after escorting her down the aisle. Joe’s life was abruptly upended by the reappearance of his ex-wife Noeline (Lindy McConchie), who brought their nine-year-old son Toby with her (Finn Greentree-Keane).

Joe and Toby eventually became close, even though it took some time.

To Harold’s dismay, Joe chose to date Kerry, his daughter. The couple’s romance developed swiftly, and they were married in front of their loved ones in a butterfly refuge. Soon after, tragedy struck when a duck hunter shot and killed a heavily pregnant Kerry as she was protesting the hunt.

As a result, Joe and Harold became friends. Kerry’s young daughter Sky (Miranda Fryer) became the subject of a custody dispute; Eric Jensen, Sky’s biological father, was granted custody (John Ley). However, Joe intervened on his own and abducted Sky. When she was eventually restored to Eric, he handed her back to Joe since he couldn’t handle raising Sky with his new family.

Soon after meeting Melanie, Joe fell in love with her and started a family with her, Toby, and Sky. When they eventually returned, Dorothy Burke (Maggie Dence) and Toby followed the three-person Mangel family to the UK, abandoning them in Erinsborough. Soon later, Melanie and Joe were divorced.

After fifteen years, Joe visited Ramsay Street to celebrate Sky’s (18th) birthday (now portrayed by Stephanie McIntosh).

When he eventually returned to the community, he fell in love with Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha), and the two soon became engaged.

Joe again showed his support for Jelly Belly after Harold lost his son David (Kevin Harrington) and his family in a plane tragedy. Joe’s relationship with Lyn came to an end when he travelled over to aid Toby after receiving a call from him asking for assistance on his farm in Western Australia.

When Joe called to tell Jane that Mrs. Mangel had passed away in 2018, that was the last time Jane spoke with him.

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