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Home and Away star Dan Ewing’s ex-wife Marni Little is left with ‘one boob’ after her right breast implant became infected following double mastectomy


Marni Little, the former spouse of Home and Away actor Dan Ewing, now only has “one boob” after having her right breast implant removed due to infection.

Two days before Christmas in 2020, the comedy writer, 39, underwent a double mastectomy after disclosing she was battling breast cancer.

She updated her Instagram followers on her latest breast augmentations on Saturday by posting a video with the comment, “Here’s something fresh I wasn’t expecting.”

Okay, so here is a brief update. I’ve been all g, I told you guys (good). In reality, I wasn’t all g,’ she said in the video.


I now have one boob because my right breast implant developed an infection. It is to the left, not conveniently in the centre.

So I’m normalising one boob, she continued. I plan to bring it in and will make apparel that accommodates one boob.

That seems to be a pattern. So get in touch with me if you have one boob too so we can work some magic.

Only five months had passed since Marni’s miscarriage when she was given the news that she had breast cancer.


The mother of two said she was “thankful” for the highs and lows she experienced in 2020 in an interview with Daily Mail Australia.

She expressed her gratitude for having her family at her side, including her husband David Robertshaw, six-year-old Archie, and one-year-old Charlie.

There is so much to be grateful for, Marni added, adding that it was a lovely year.

It’s simple to ask “Why do these things happen?” yet, she continued, if it weren’t for the miscarriage, she would have been seven months along in her pregnancy when she received her [cancer] diagnosis.


“That would have required another complete conversation, and we don’t know how that would have looked,”

Even though she and David described the pregnancy loss as a “extremely terrible period,” she never lost sight of how fortunate she was to have two healthy sons.

Losing a baby is heartbreaking, and I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone. But we do have two gorgeous boys, and I count myself very fortunate. This was found pretty early, she noted.

Marni, the author of the upbeat and amusing blog More Than a Little, is making an effort to keep a good outlook in the face of her diagnosis.

In 2020, she was informed by medical professionals at Robina Hospital on the Gold Coast that while her cancer cells had been eradicated as a result of the double mastectomy, she would still require radiation and chemotherapy in order to have the best chance of surviving.

Marni wants to spread the message that everyone, including younger women like herself, should frequently check their breasts whether or not cancer runs in their family.


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