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Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe decides to leave Ramsay Street


The following week on Neighbours in the UK, Chloe makes a significant choice regarding her future on Ramsay Street, while Nicolette develops second thoughts about Kiri.

Beginning on July 18 in the UK and July 25 in Australia, these sequences will be broadcast on television.

Will Kiri and Nicolette be successful?

Will there be a happy ever after for our favourite characters as the Neighbours saga comes to an end?


This week, it appears like happiness for Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson), and Chloe may be just around the horizon (April Rose Pengilly).

A love triangle between the three has been brewing for some weeks, with Kiri unable to decide if she preferred Chloe or Nicolette.

Kiri discovered she was sharing a bed with Chloe at No. 24 after moving in with her. Even if all parties wanted it to be a success, there was no spark in the agreement.

As things between Kiri and Chloe cooled off over time, Kiri’s strained relationship with Nicolette began to rekindle.


Even better, Kiri persuaded Nicolette to accompany her to church, something that Nic had never done. She had never even entered a church out of concern that it might collapse all around her.

Nic was pleasantly delighted to realise what Kiri had seen, and the two were able to connect.

The two finally had a heart-to-heart and decided there was no romance between them. Additionally, Chloe made the decision to allow Kiri complete freedom, saying that she wasn’t going to obstruct her if she wanted to finally pursue a relationship with Nicolette. Chloe then got to her feet and headed for Adelaide to visit her brothers.

This episode, they become even more intimate when Freya (No. 24 housemate) and they are held captive by Emma McIver (Jessica Clarke), who wants Nicolette to heal another injured member of her criminal gang.


Will Nicolette now allow herself to fall completely in love?

As this week’s scenes begin, Nicolette is trying her hardest not to screw up her relationship with Kiri. Kiri, meanwhile, is the complete opposite. She’s actually prepared to go to any lengths to win over Nicolette.

Kiri arranges an unplanned trip to River Bend in the hopes that they might restart their relationship where it all began. After all, it was here that Kiri first met Nicolette and had their brief but seductive fling, which is what brought Kiri to Erinsborough.

Unfortunately for Kiri, Nicolette is losing control of her nerves.

When Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) became pregnant with David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) child, Nicolette last pursued a committed relationship.

After a rocky start, the couple went through a period of being hot and cold before choosing to stick it out.


A heavily pregnant Nicolette proposed to Chloe at the end of their relationship, and she accepted, feeling pressured.

After learning that Leo (Tim Kano) and Chloe had spent the night together a few weeks later (unbeknownst to her at the time, it was completely platonic), Nic broke off their engagement and fled with the child.

It makes sense that Nic would be wary about entering into a committed relationship right away, especially since she would be doing so with her ex-fiancee.

Nic has received Chloe’s approval, but will he be able to say “yes” to a relationship?

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