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Neighbours Spoilers – Chelsea’s Paul pregnancy plans revealed


Next week on Neighbours, JJ asks Felix for additional self-defense tips, and Chelsea devises a new scheme to obtain Paul Robinson’s money.

Chelsea Murphy (Viva Bianca) has had her sights set on Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) money ever since she made her Ramsay Street debut in mid-January.

When we witnessed her pore over a booklet that contained the Robinson family tree, it became evident why she was doing it.

Although she stated that she had moved to Erinsborough to be nearer to her sister Cara Varga-Murphy (Sara West), the truth was that she was in debt and her cosmetics company was collapsing. She was hoping that businessman Paul would be the right person to turn things around.


She made a modest start by persuading Paul to allow her to have a pop-up stall at the Lassiters complex and approaching him about investing.

However, she encountered numerous obstacles when Paul informed her that he would not be able to invest in her business and Krista (Majella Davis) closed the booth after realising she lacked insurance.

That didn’t stop her, though, so she went ahead and executed Plan B: breaking into Rebecchi Law to look into Paul’s will and slipping into Paul’s pants to become his next wife. She even went so far as to rehearse signing herself as “Chelsea Robinson.”

Her strategy appeared to be working, as Paul enjoyed the company of a pretty woman, dismissing rumours that Chelsea was merely chasing his money from those around him.


Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

“Who cares that she’s attracted to my money?” Paul shot back. “My money attracts me.”

Things progressed after David’s (Takaya Honda) sudden death, as Chelsea consoled the distraught father.

She took advantage of Paul’s sorrow by persuading him to appoint her as Lassiters Acting General Manager. To Krista’s dismay, she then started to exert her influence.


Despite Chelsea’s attempts to sabotage Krista’s Lassiters Lie-In event this week by manipulating the rosters to guarantee it is understaffed, everything goes off without a hitch.

Paul believes that Krista’s remarkable turnaround has made the event a great success. Chelsea then makes an attempt to discredit Krista by challenging some of her new ideas, but a suddenly confident Krista shuts her down by announcing that she will now be working directly with Paul.

When Paul rewards Krista with a bouquet of flowers, Chelsea feels even more alienated. Chelsea feels entirely marginalised by his actions, regardless of whether he is warming up to her generally or using it as a springboard for a new romance with Leo (Tim Kano).

Afterwards, Leo agrees to go to Krista’s baby’s scan. He deletes to see her confidence soar and then quickly thanks Paul for recognising her.

Paul then gives Krista the chance to brief Lucy and the Lassiters International team on the Lie-In, realising that being polite to her is his route to Leo.

Chelsea finds her grip loosening as Paul arranges a considerate gesture for her ex-wife Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), who is in shock over learning that Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) shared a night together.


Paul brushes off her concerns when she wonders whether it’s time for his lawyers to review his will and perhaps remove the provision he made for his ex-wife. He will obviously never be prepared to let Terese leave.

Chelsea looks over Paul’s will again, taking note of his children’s names and the items he’s left them, knowing she needs to take dramatic action.

Then, in the most cunning move of all, she throws away her contraceptive pills before returning to Paul and launching a seduction campaign.

Is Paul going to become a father for the second time?

Next week, after successfully intimidating Slade, JJ (Riley Bryant) goes to Andrew’s (Lloyd Will) brother Felix (James Beaufort) to get further tips in self-defense.

When Felix discovers how much JJ, his prospective son, is depending on him, he is deeply hurt and retreats, disappointing JJ.

Subsequently, Felix tells Andrew that JJ was requesting “street” actions from him. The two brothers then discuss Felix’s perception that Andrew has always been the good person and he fits the stereotypical mould of a “bad guy.”

The two are candid about their upbringing, with adopted child Andrew finding it difficult to understand how his parents’ partiality affected his sibling.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, who is giving his all to getting Felix back on track, his brother has been courting purchasers for the building supplies he intends to pilfer from the Eirene Rising complex.

Felix doesn’t seem to be as dedicated to putting his “bad boy” past behind him as he says.

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