Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Neighbours spoiler: Krista is rushed to hospital


As Chelsea rejoices over her triumphant video presentation of the Lassisters Lie-In to the global Lassisters community, Paul discovers Krista unconscious in the sauna chamber and promptly summons an ambulance.

When Paul is unable to get in touch with Leo at the hospital, Krista discovers that Paul is a surprisingly reliable source of support. Unaware of her remorse, Chelsea has resisted it by focusing on Paul and her ultimate objective.

Melanie is worried that Karl will be disappointed in her for sleeping with Toadie when he returns home soon. Instead, Melanie feels uneasy with Karl’s lack of reaction as he acts in a courteous but distant manner.

In another scene, Mackenzie tries to assist Haz following the break-in by setting up security cameras to be installed in Harold’s, but she is taken aback by his outburst. Mackenzie brings up her concerns to Byron after noticing his peculiar demeanour since the break-in, but he minimises them. Haz has bugged their phones and is listening in on their talk, but none of them is aware of it.


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