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Jason Donovan says Neighbours ‘changed his and Kylie’s life’ as ‘sad’ soap finale nears


As the world prepares to say goodbye to the famous Australian serial, Neighbours, Jason Donovan, 54, has spoken out. Many celebrities have benefited from the show, including Guy Pearce, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, and, most notably, Jason and Kylie Minogue.

Kylie and Jason have reunited as their characters Charlene and Scott to commemorate the show’s 37-year run.

They’ll be back on Ramsay Street for the last episode of the show, which will premiere in August.

Jason talked about filming the last sequences on Zoe Ball’s Radio Two breakfast show today.


Zoe speculated that it was “very emotional.”

“Of course, it’s sad about Neighbours,” Jason responded. But this is also the time to rejoice.

“And it’s honestly about remembering where you came from for me.”

“It’s about paying homage to the past since that show affected my life, as well as Kylie’s, Guy’s, and a lot of other people’s.”


“That’s something you don’t forget.”

“As a result, we want to honour its historical significance.”

The last episode was shot early this year, but showrunners have kept mum on what fans might expect.

Kylie Jenner, the pop star, also spoke out about her emotional return earlier this week.


“A couple of us went back to shoot a scene or whatever we had time for,” she told Sky News.

“It was difficult to return to the set. The fact that we could see each other was actually rather lovely. I haven’t seen these people in over 30 years, in some cases.

“Life goes by, and we’ve all been through various things, so simply to come face to face and say, ‘Wow, this is part of our past,’ is incredible.”

“It was fantastic.”

More than two million Australians watched Charlene and Scott’s infamous wedding in 1987, and nearly 20 million more watched it in the UK the following year.

After having such a significant role in the show’s history, executive producer Jason Herbison revealed that they would have “a very unique role” in the finale.


“Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours pair, and it would not feel right to end the programme without them,” Jason stated in a statement released on Twitter last month.

“We are overjoyed that Jason and Kylie have returned home to play a pivotal role in the series finale.”

“For them, for us, and I’m sure for our viewers, it’s been an emotional event.”

The final episode of Neighbours will air on Channel 5 on August 1st.

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