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Neighbours Spoilers – Andrew seeks revenge on Byron for dating his daughter


After learning that Byron is seeing Sadie, Andrew plans to exact revenge on him on Neighbours the next week, even though Wendy does her hardest to appease him.

Since Sadie and her parents relocated to Ramsay Street in 2022, just before the last episodes of Neighbours aired, a lot has happened for Sadie.

She was alone herself at that moment, having alienated half the neighbourhood with her and her friend Aubrey (Etoile Little) by causing the fire that ultimately led to Hendrix’s (Ben Turland) demise.

It was a ruse to set Zara Selwyn (Freya Van Dyke) up, but it went horribly wrong. Sadie was left without someone after Aubrey was transferred to a different school.


At the time, it seemed inconceivable that Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) could forgive her, but when Hendrix turned to Sadie for assistance in preparing a heartfelt video message, it became evident that he had no hard feelings for her; despite her foolish acts, she had no intention of hurting anyone, least of all Hendrix.

Now, three years later (everything has advanced by an extra year in the Neighbours universe), Sadie and Mackenzie are best friends, and the other members of their friendship circle are Byron (Xavier Molyneux), Haz (Shiv Palekar), and Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall).

It was just a matter of time until another couple paired up, and now it’s Byron and Sadie’s turn because Mackenzie and Haz are officially dating.

When Byron discovered that Sadie was only interested in sleeping with him because of his past as an escort, things got off to a strange start. However, Sadie clarified that although the idea had briefly occurred to her, their subsequent connection was wholly natural.


Sadie concealed her first date from her parents, Andrew (Lloyd Will) and Wendy (Emerald Chan), in yesterday’s episode.

Unfortunately, when Felix (James Beaufort) began questioning her new love interest about his past as an escort, the fact that no one knew about her impending date backfired.

Before we know it, Andrew is trying to spice things up with Wendy and asking Byron for advise on what women desire.

A little while after Andrew returns from a sensual date with his wife, he comes upon his daughter and Byron having their own passionate and passionate moment. Byron awkwardly obliges and offers some helpful advise, which is just what Andrew needs to hear.


The episode airing on Monday, April 1st, will feature Andrew and Wendy debating Sadie’s new relationship.

Amazon Freevee / Jane Zhang

The roles that they play as parents have reversed; today, Andrew is the one who becomes involved in Sadie’s life instead of Wendy, who normally does. Wendy is disappointed that Sadie withheld the information about her new romance from them and would want to concentrate on getting back into her daughter’s inner circle.

Wendy tries to show that she’s a “cool mum,” but Sadie calls her out for being just as controlling as her father, so her attempts to do so backfire.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Wendy, who is very affected by Sadie’s remarks, advises Andrew to take a backseat and allow their daughter live her life.


Regretfully, Andrew won’t listen, and he acts resentfully by putting a “unroadworthy” sticker on Byron’s car when he sees it at the complex.

Amazon Freevee / Jane Zhang

When Sadie discovers that Andrew got Byron a citation for his allegedly dangerous tyres in Tuesday’s episode, she is horrified.

After learning that Byron’s technician thinks the tyres still have six months left on them, Sadie takes a personal jab at her father, telling him he needs to accept that she is an adult with an adult sexual life.

Andrew is still against Byron, despite Sadie’s contempt and Wendy’s best attempts to convince him otherwise, and it appears that a new rivalry on Ramsay Street has started.

Unfortunately, even though Sadie offered to buy Byron a new pair of tyres, he is feeling overburdened. Considering that both Wendy and Andrew are struggling to adjust, he thinks that it could be a good idea for them to call it quits on their relationship.

Are Sadie and Byron truly finished before they’ve even started as Sadie “thanks” her father for sabotaging her first major romance?

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