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Neighbours script producer Shane Isheev joins Hollyoaks


Neighbours concluded filming for the final time this week, after 37 years on the air, and the cast and crew are now free to pursue other projects.

And we didn’t have to wait long to find out where one of them is going, as Digital Spy can exclusively disclose that Shane Isheev, the script producer from Neighbours, will be joining the team at Hollyoaks as a story editor.

Shane told us about the change when we asked him about it: “Many colleagues have suggested that I work on Hollyoaks throughout the years. It wasn’t until I began watching the show on a daily basis that I realised why. It has all of the elements that I enjoy in serial dramas. I consider myself quite fortunate to be relocating from Erinsborough to Chester.

“I still have a lot of stories I want to tell on Neighbours, and I’m excited to tell them to the Hollyoaks cast.


“Following the cancellation of Neighbours, fans may be looking for a new serial to watch. I strongly advise them, as well as any serial fans, to watch Hollyoaks. You’ll be hooked in no time, just like I was.”

Shane was in charge of some of the most important storylines on the Channel 5 soap during his time there. The 35th anniversary wedding week episodes, the previous dramatic plot between Freya and Levi, and the current David story, which is expected to take another dramatic turn in the coming weeks, are all examples of this.

Shane is expected to have an impact on Hollyoaks in 2022. The final episode of Neighbours will air on August 1st.

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