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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week (June 20 to 24)


Next week on Neighbours, one member of Ramsay Street passes away, while another receives devastating news.

Meanwhile, in Erinsborough, a fresh face appears.

Here are 11 spoilers for next week’s episode of Neighbours.

1. Sadie and Zara’s lives are in jeopardy

Corey kidnaps Zara and exits the scene with her after knocking out Sadie and leaving her behind. When aid arrives, it is already too late, and Zara is the only one who can save herself from this horrible scenario.


Zara, alone with him on country roads, sees an opportunity to gain the upper hand and seizes it, surrendering Corey to the cops in the process. Harlow goes to the station now that Zara is safe to see Corey and find out why he wants her in The Order.

2. Mackenzie has a long road ahead of her

The death of Jimi Hendrix continues to put a pall over Ramsay Street, and Mackenzie is still mourning the loss of her husband. While she had been distracted by assisting with the planning of both of his memorials, the reality of the situation struck her again when she went to collect Hendrix’s ashes.

Chloe, who is also dealing with sadness, attempts to support Mackenzie, but it’s evident that she still has a long way to go before she can start putting her life back together.

3. Harlow bids a fond farewell to Ramsay Street

Harlow has finally put the Corey situation behind her, and after everything she’s been through, she decides to return to England to live with her aunt – and she plans to depart the next day.


But first, she needs to talk to Mackenzie and seek her permission to leave while she is going through so much. Harlow is reassured by Mack that she must do what is best for her.

So Harlow bids her farewells and departs for England, hoping that The Order will not be waiting for her.

4. Erinsborough and Sydney bid Hendrix dieu

Hendrix was not only well-liked on Ramsay Street, but also in Sydney, and a tribute is being planned in both cities at his request.

Karl, Susan, and Mackenzie fly to Sydney to be with his family, while Amy and Melanie organise a celebration by the lake in Erinsborough, complete with a special cocktail concocted in his honour.


Everyone toasts to Hendrix’s life with a cutout of him there, while wondering how they will all continue on without him.

5. Do Amy and Toadie have affections for each other?

Next week, Zara comes up with a theory that throws Amy for a loop. Amy observes Toadie’s presence at the memorial and remarks on how he has always been there for her.

Zara can’t help but notice Amy’s gaze on Toadie and wonders whether her mother has more feelings for him than she’s letting on.

Amy denies it, and later that week she chooses to try online dating for the first time. Is Amy truly more in love with one of her longest pals than she’s letting on?

6. Glen takes a positive step

After his relapse and betrayal with Estelle, Glen and Terese have been on shaky ground, but they take positive steps next week when they sit down to talk through all that has happened.

Terese realises she can’t stay furious at Glen for making a mistake when she’s made considerably worse, so they both agree to go on.


Glen heeds her advise concerning his medications, and he and Terese get rid of them together — but will going cold turkey be another mistake for Glen?

7. At sea, David, Aaron, and Nicolette encounter danger

With David’s sentence coming up in a few days, he, Aaron, and Nicolette are spending time with their families while they can.

They’ve nearly forgotten about what’s around the corner while out at sea on a boat, but they’re about to be reminded when the boat won’t start up again.

Things become much more tight when David realises that if he doesn’t get home in time, he would miss his bail check-in – which appears to be a distinct possibility.

8. Grant returns to Mackenzie’s side

Grant returns to town for the first time since his daughter’s wedding to support her through her grief over Hendrix’s death. Mackenzie appears to be surviving better than they expected, much to his and Toadie’s astonishment.

Behind closed doors, it appears that Mac is not dealing with things as well as she claims, but will she get the help she requires?

9. Byron, Jane’s son, arrives

Given the impact the last of Jane’s children to arrive on Ramsay Street had, the neighbours should be on the lookout for another.

Jane is taken aback when her son Byron comes in Erinsborough, although given the family’s turmoil over David’s situation, his arrival may have been better timed.

Byron does bring Jane some good news, though: he’ll be staying. And he appears to be on the verge of causing a ruckus of his own.

10. David receives qualita cabergoline con spedizioni awful news

While David is relieved to only receive a warning, things quickly spiral out of control when he is summoned for questioning and Andrew informs him that he is now a flight risk, and he has no choice but to place him in remand.

As David is taken away, his family is devastated, and none of them, not even Paul, has the power to assist him. David can only hope that he will be able to return home to his family while incarcerated.

11. Glen is caught off guard by Kiri

Glen is trying his hardest to keep off the medications while he recovers, but he quickly realises how difficult it will be.

Glen is determined to be present for Kiri during her birthday celebrations and not let his problems get in the way. However, it quickly becomes too much for him, and he invents an excuse to get out of it.

When Kiri discovers this, it backfires on Glen. What will Glen say about this?

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