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Blackmail, violent outbursts and an infamous relationship with Paul Robinson: Jane Hall’s best moments as Rebecca Napier on Neighbours


With Neighbours coming to an end after 27 years on the air, this is the perfect time to reminisce about the Ramsay Street residents of the past.

Rebecca Napier, played by acclaimed Australian actress Jane Hall, made quite an impression during her time in Erinsborough.

Jane, who starred on the soap on and off from 2007 to 2019, has expressed her disappointment over the show’s cancellation.

“As the final episode of Neighbours airs today, I’m reminded of my time as Rebecca. It was a privilege to be a part of such a timeless and legendary production. It was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed it “On June 11, Jane sent a message on Instagram.


“And here’s to you, Mr. Robinson… Stefan Dennis, my TV husband and long-time villain. One of a long list of amazing performers with whom I had the honour of collaborating, “She went on to say something about her on-screen boyfriend, Paul Robinson.

Jane’s acting abilities were often on display in wild and dramatic plots, from nasty breakups to blackmail and violent outbursts.

Continue scrolling to discover Rebecca’s most memorable moments over the years.

After discovering Paul’s romance with Diana, Rebecca requested for a divorce, which became one of her defining moments.


Rebecca was disgusted with Paul and kicked him out of their house after he destroyed Stephanie Scully and Libby Kennedy’s friendship.

Rebecca reconnected with Andrew Simpson after leaving Paul and agreed to marry him. But, after realising she still loved Paul, she ended their Andrew relationship.

Rebecca asked Paul to marry her after they had previously called off their engagement. However, Lyn Scully interrupted Rebecca and Paul’s wedding by announcing that she and Paul were still married. Rebecca attacked Lyn in front of their neighbours, enraged that she had destroyed her day. Thankfully, Lyn signed the divorce papers in the end.

Rebecca became enraged when Declan revealed that Paul had been embezzling money, and Diana Marshall admitted to having sex with Paul. Rebecca was upset as a result, and she shoved Paul from the Lassiter’s mezzanine.


Rebecca’s love life became even more difficult when she developed feelings for Michael Williams. Rebecca refused to leave Michael and even agreed to marry him after Paul pushed her to repeat their vows.

With Oliver and his family, Rebecca, Declan, and India left Erinsborough. But Rebecca wasn’t the last person saw on Ramsay Street…

When Rebecca returned to Erinsborough three years later, she sent shockwaves down Ramsay Street.

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