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Neighbours teases exit and new family arrival in 10 new spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s in store for Ramsay Street in the week beginning Monday, May 9.

Tuesday, May 10th:

Ned has made a significant choice. He’s realised that he needs to let go of both relationships and leave Erinsborough after his love triangle problems with Amy and Harlow. As Ned says his farewell, Chloe and Levi join him.

Amy and Ned exchange a heartfelt goodbye. Amy is still dissatisfied with how her relationship with Ned turned out.

Amy sends her best wishes to Ned. Despite her anguish at Ned’s betrayal of Amy with Harlow, Amy chooses to be the greater person as he leaves Erinsborough.


Thursday, May 12th:

Kiri is heartbroken. Paul has found the truth regarding Glen’s biological fatherhood and has informed everyone.

Glen pays Kiri a visit. He notices her in the midst of an emotional outburst.

Glen makes every effort to console Kiri. Kiri, on the other hand, appears to want to keep Glen at a distance.

Kiri and Glen share a heartfelt discussion. They appear to be progressing in their relationship, but Kiri isn’t ready to forgive Glen just yet.


Friday, May 13th:

The Rodwell family relocates to Ramsay Street. Number 26 will be home to Andrew, Wendy, and Sadie.

Andrew, Wendy, and Sadie are ecstatic about the new beginning. They want to put their past problems behind them. The Rodwells decide to organise a BBQ for their new neighbours, knowing that not everyone will be happy to see them after Sadie’s role in the recent fires.

Andrew, Sadie, and Wendy are completely oblivious of some distressing information. As a result of the fire that Sadie and Aubrey set, Hendrix has been diagnosed with a dangerous lung disease. Will this cause unrest on the streets?

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