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Neighbours legend unmasked in The Masked Singer Australia a week after soap ends


Just one week after the popular serial opera Neighbours came to an end, one of its legends was revealed in the Australian edition of The Masked Singer.

In the most recent season, Ryan Moloney, well known for playing Toadie in Neighbours, was the first famous person to be revealed.

The voice behind Knight’s rendition of “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran was Ryan.

As usual, when Knight came on TV, various hints were given, one of which was that he was “the closest thing Australia has to actual monarchy.”


True, to be honest.

Mel B, Dave Hughes, Abbie Chatfield, and Chrissie Swan all made an attempt to determine who Knight was.

They were shocked when the Neighbours icon removed the mask since they weren’t sure if it was David Hasselhoff, Nick Cummins, or Shannon Noll!

“28 years later, Neighbours.” This is the shortest job I’ve ever done, I tell you,” Ryan exclaimed in jest.


After Channel 5 decided to take Neighbours off the air, Ryan said farewell to his Neighbours family.

He said: “I think a lot of people have obviously grown up with it simply being part of their lives and just part of the furniture, really.” He was speaking about the fan reaction to the soap being cancelled. TV is mentioned in the same sentence. The majority of television programmes don’t last this long; if they’re lucky, they only last a few seasons before ending.

We have so been extraordinarily fortunate to continue operating for this long. I believe we have been extremely fortunate to be a part of people’s life for so long.

The actor, who portrayed Toadie starting in 1995, admired how comical the role allowed him to be:


He continued, “I think maybe my favourite thing is that I’m allowed to be so stupidly idiotic at times.

Then, a few moments later, I can act out the silliest things and just see what I can get away with. “I’m allowed to be really theatrical and take him into really dark areas, into sorrow, and into agony. I’m therefore extremely fortunate that the producers and directors essentially let me do what I want to do, which is fantastic.

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