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Home and Away’s Cash Newman has secret link to show newcomer


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

When Cash runs into an old flame in forthcoming Home and Away scenes, it comes as a surprise, but the reunion is not without controversy.

Cash is taken aback when Lyrik, the new band made up of four new regular cast members, performs on stage at Salt after Felicity secures them the gig, and it soon becomes clear that he formerly had a relationship with bassist Eden.

She jumps from the stage into his arms when she sees him, which creates some questions from other Summer Bay residents. Their attraction to one another is also easy to miss.


Uncomfortable Cash, who had attempted to flee before she discovered him, is interrogated by Felicity and confesses that they have slept together in the past.

Felicity quickly switches to a protective stance and forbids Eden from attempting a reconciliation with him, telling her that he is content with the deceased Jasmine and that she shouldn’t try to meddle in their happiness.

Eden does the right thing and pays attention to Felicity’s advice, apologising to Cash for any harm she may have caused him in the past and extending a hand of friendship, which he gladly accepts.

However, Felicity notices a nice hug between the two and cautions Cash to be careful with her. Irene also gets involved, advising Cash to let Jasmine know that Eden is in town.


Rose, who overhears the talk, decides to intervene on her own, which infuriates Cash.

After that, Cash’s situation only worsens as he argues with Tex and starts to believe that everyone is trying to meddle in his private life.

Will Cash ever be able to move on after confessing to Felicity how much he misses Jasmine and feels like his life is falling apart without her?

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