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Neighbours legend reveals Motorhead link


As a result of their common affection for the Australian soap opera Neighbours, Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell and Neighbours mainstay Alan Fletcher have remained “solid friends.”

The Welsh musician Campbell, 61, was the subject of the 65-year-“favorite old’s fan interaction” as the show’s 37-year run on television came to an end.

Since 1994, Fletcher has played Dr. Karl Kennedy on Neighbours, making him one of the show’s longest-tenured Australian actors and a favourite among devoted viewers.

Prior to a performance with Motorhead in Melbourne in 2007, Campbell paid a surpise visit to the Neighbours set.


“Phil Campbell from Motorhead is perhaps my favourite fan interaction between someone in music and Neighbours,” remarked Fletcher.

“Phil is a fantastic friend who enjoys watching Neighbours. Therefore, he requested permission to attend the set when he travelled to Australia.

He attended one of Tony’s weddings as an extra. He was with us the entire day, but I’m not sure if he ever made it on air.

The following night, we all hurried to the Motorhead concert where we saw Lemmy, the late frontman of the band, backstage. Since then, Phil has remained a trustworthy buddy with whom I frequently communicate.


He enters the stage, plays hard metal guitar shredding, and then he declares his love for Neighbours. It has always been a fantastic dichotomy!

The highlight of Fletcher’s career, according to the show’s ardent fans in Iceland, was being recognised as Karl.

“I’ve had a lot of fun there. It was bitterly cold when I once entered a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Of course, it’s really chilly and gloomy.

We ordered a hot dog and fries, sat down at the table, and when we looked up, Neighbours was playing on the television.


On August 2 and 3, RTÉ One, RTÉ2, and the RTÉ Player will all carry the last episodes of Neighbours.

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