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Neighbours’ Izzy Hoyland makes trouble as soap comes to an end


You were mistaken if you believed that Izzy Hoyland’s ultimate horrific deed on Neighbours was dating Mal Kennedy, the son of her ex-lover Karl (Alan Fletcher).

Izzy’s rudeness has already inflamed Karl’s wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne), and things are only going to get worse as the Australian soap opera’s conclusion approaches. Natalie Bassingthwaighte, a recurring character, teases what’s to come.

Izzy will be embroiled in “the same old hijinks,” the actress assures us.

She continues, “I adore this character so much.” She loves to cause trouble and is complex, so this time is no exception.


In subsequent episodes, Susan will have Mal choose between his family and his connection with Izzy, but when Mal decides to go with Izzy, Susan is left questioning whether she was right to make the choice.

However, as everything is going on, Izzy runs across Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien), another previous inhabitant of Ramsay Street. She crosses the line significantly when she meets him again after being taken in by his money.

Karl and Susan get ready for a confrontation when they find out what Izzy has been up to. What will Izzy do, though? You’ll just have to watch the show the following week to find out!

But while you wait, Bassingthwaighte discusses her love for Neighbours in advance of the dramatic climax.


She explains, “Neighbours is so recognisable. “I grew up watching the programme, and although I was shocked to be cast as Izzy, I immediately began studying and honing my trade.

The pace of the act is fantastic, and you quickly pick up new skills and develop discipline. To simply work with veterans like Jackie Woodburne, Alan Fletcher, Ian Smith (who played Harold), and Stefan Dennis (who played Paul), and learn from them on how to be a better actor and performer. It’s pretty amazing to have the work ethic I gained from the experience.

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