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Neighbours’ Harlow Robinson to be framed by sinister new villain


In forthcoming episodes of Neighbours, Harlow Robinson is likely to be framed by a dangerous new adversary.

Following the pair’s moment of passion on the River Bend excursion, Ned Willis will realise that he no longer wants to continue a relationship with Amy Greenwood and instead wants to explore his connection with Harlow in scenes due to air next week.

Ned promises to break up with Amy after her big fashion show, but things go horribly wrong when damaging photos of Harlow and Ned are leaked during the event, leaving Amy devastated.

Harlow is later left upset and ashamed after her affair with Ned is revealed to the public. Newcomer Corey Smythe-Jones isolates her from her loved ones as she seeks assistance from her network.


To make matters worse for Harlow, Corey then manipulates Terese and vandalises Amy’s van, making it appear as if Harlow is the perpetrator.

Will Harlow realise what Corey is up to before it’s too late, as her problems worsen with each passing day?

Corey has ulterior motivations for his recent visit in Erinsborough, according to Neighbours, who first met Harlow in London when she read her late mother’s diaries and heard of the strange Restoration Order cult that Prue was once a member of.

Since then, the soap has revealed that Corey is a covert member of the Order who has been recruited to lure Harlow into the cult.


Is Harlow in grave danger now that Corey has taken steps to push her even further away from her loved ones?

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