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Neighbours ending ‘sealed’ – Paul Robinson killed, Lou Carpenter dies and ‘dream end’


After 37 years on our television screens, the beloved Australian soap opera Neighbours will cease on August 1, 2022. But how will it all end?

As Neighbours executives keep the details of the finale a secret, many fans have turned to social media and online forums to speculate about alternative outcomes.

Jemma Donovan, whose character Harlow Robinson permanently left Erinsborough this week, said on the conclusion in an interview with The Mirror “The finale is going to be extremely joyous, and I know our fans are going to be blown away by it. But for now, that’s all I have to say.”

The Daily Star has looked at fan speculations about how Neighbours will finish as speculation about the season finale intensifies.


The last scene features Jason and Kylie

According to Metro, the final episode of Neighbours’ script was recently leaked, with parts of it appearing on the website Popb***h.

The final episode’s concluding sequence would have Charlene and Scott Robinson, played by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, pulling into Ramsay Street, according to the leaked screenplay.

Charlene declares, “We’re home,” as they exit the vehicle.

However, no information from the finale has been confirmed, and both Metro and Popb***h have suggested that the information may have been released as a ruse to mislead fans about what might actually happen.


Despite this, many have already had their doubts that Kylie and Jason will appear in the soap opera’s last scenes. One fan expressed their doubts on a fan site, writing: “I still believed that Kylie and Jason would show up at the concluding scene, on the street.

However, Kylie mentioned Jane and Harold in a recent interview; possibly this means that she has some scenes with other people.

Added by another “According to what we know, Scott and Charlene may have only shot one scene. They won’t be a part of any ongoing narrative, in my opinion. They will actually appear in the climax.”

Many fans are expecting for a longer cameo, and perhaps even a romantic homage to Kylie and Jason’s fame in the music industry, even though it does appear plausible that they will only appear in the serial opera’s final moments.


One supporter stated: “I really hope the rumours are false. If not, Jason and Kylie will only have a few lines to say at the end of the last episode.”

Another person mentioned Alan Fletcher’s outside of the soap opera music career as Karl Kennedy, saying, “I’d love for there to be a scene where Karl talks to Charlene about his music!”

Paul Robinson will be the focal point of the climax

Paul Robinson has been a recurring character on Neighbours for a long time, but his life on Ramsay Street has not always been straightforward.

Paul Robinson has been at the centre of some of the largest storylines in the soap opera, from his insurance schemes (which included blowing up Lassisters Pub) to his failed relationship with Terese and son Robert Robinson’s attempt to kill him.

On social media sites, many fans have hypothesised that the final episode’s story will also focus around Paul Robinson; some have even suggested that the character might finally atone for his mistakes.

But one thing is certain: a lot of fans don’t believe his character belongs back with Terese.


“At the conclusion of the presentation, I would want to see him enjoying himself with his children. Without a doubt not with Terese, “a fan said.

One more said: “One of the original characters is Paul. It seems sense that he would appear in the climactic scene. He should have a redemption story, but I hope he realises it’s too late.”

One viewer added: “I don’t want all of Paul’s children (except Robert probably) turning up to give him an intervention and the show acting like that will mean anything, because countless interventions over the years haven’t changed him at all.” However, some viewers do not think it would be appropriate for Paul to redeem himself in the final episode.

One viewer speculated that Paul would quit the street along with other Robinson family members who are coming back for the finale, saying: “He moves out to live with Scott and Charlene and their entire family on their block.

Question mark over whether he has changed or if this is simply the beginning of Paul Shenanigans for a new group of neighbours over the next 20 years.

Another viewer, however, went a step further and suggested that because of Paul’s past disputes with the majority of Erinsborough, the Ramsay Street residents had had enough of him and should all move out.

One supporter stated: “Paul purchases the entirety of Ramsay Street after selling Lassiters. In protest, everyone leaves. In the final frame, Paul is shown by himself in the middle of the street with a single tear streaming down his cheek.”

The end of Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson will reportedly take centre stage in the season finale, but many fans have theorised that he’ll actually die in the last episode.

It should come as no surprise that one character kills Paul Robinson because he has developed a number of adversaries over the course of his time on the soap opera. Given the infamous story point when his attempt to assassinate his father was foiled, might it be his son Robert Robinson?

While viewers will have to wait and see whether Paul Robinson dies, the large number of returning cast members who are connected to the character is a strong indication that there may be a funeral in the drama.

“Paul is connected to the majority of the returning characters. It will either be his funeral or a vow renewal with Therese, in my opinion “a fan commented.

I’m beginning to believe that they might murder off Paul, another person commented.

The likelihood that Paul Robinson’s days are numbered grows as more characters who may have feuded with him in the past return for the season finale.

A third of fans appear to agree, likening the ensemble cast to the Marvel world.

“At this point, with so many characters streaming in from all over, I can only assume that it is going to be like Avengers: Endgame — cast from all across the universe come together to beat Paul Robinson,” they claimed.

Died is Lou Carpenter

There were several recognisable faces in the cast shot from the final day of production for Neighbours, including Harold Ramsay.

Lou Carpenter, a character, wasn’t there, though.

Before settling his issues with Harold and leaving Ramsay Street in 2015, Lou Carpenter was at the centre of the well-known Harold and Madge love triangle. However, the character has not been seen since.

Some fans speculated that the character may have passed away and that the burial will be the focus of the final episode as a result of his departure from the final picture.

One supporter stated: “What if Lou were murdered off? He could only make an appearance in bed for a few episodes, but he wants a large funeral in Erinsborough. It would provide several benefits.”

They could even have him pass away off-screen before revealing that he wished to be buried in Erinsborough, a second person said in agreement.

All of it was a dream

In the world of soap operas, nothing is off the table, and several other TV dramas, notably Crossroads, have concluded their last episodes by revealing that everything was only a dream.

The highs and lows of Erinsborough turning out to be one huge dream after 37 years would not come as a surprise, then.

Even fans have speculated that this might be the case, but who came up with the idea? Paul Robinson is the one and only.

Turns that Paul got transported into an alternate world when he spotted his dad in a Christmas ornament, according to a fan, and everything since has been a strange dream.

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