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Neighbours’ Chloe Brennan makes a big decision over her Ramsay Street future


Next week, Chloe returns to Ramsay Street from a vacation in Adelaide in Neighbours, but she has some unpleasant news to share with the other occupants of number 24.

Freya, Mackenzie, and Kiri are all eager to speak with Chloe to figure out what is going on after being horrified to see a “for sale” sign placed up outside the house.

When Chloe comes back, she reveals that even though the sign wasn’t supposed to go up quite yet, the rumours are real, and she is listing the property for sale and permanently leaving Ramsay Street.

They are all shocked by the choice, but they realise they can’t stop Chloe after she quits her position at Lassiters, so they start making their own arrangements for where to live next.


When Paige Smith, who was at number 24, shows up to help sell the house, she calls attention to the fact that Chloe is acting a little oddly about her time away and, in doing so, is concealing something from her pals.

While Freya and Levi work on updating the Ramsay Street history book to divert their attention from the impending changes, Kiri considers the possibility of returning to River Bend despite eventually falling in love with Nicolette.

Chloe is looking forward to the future in Adelaide, but that plan may be derailed when a familiar person from her past reappears and makes her a very alluring proposition.

That is the person who has returned to Chloe’s side, and will Chloe change her mind about her future?


When it comes time to buy number 24, it appears as though there will be no shortage of buyers, and the competition to possess it may be between some former Ramsay Street residents…

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