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Home and Away star Georgie Parker teases outcome of Martha’s illness story


Georgie Parker has hinted to Martha Stewart’s illness plot on Home and Away’s future and what might happen to her character Roo after that.

The UK audience will watch daughter Roo donate a kidney in an effort to save her mother’s life. Fans will be aware that Martha has been ill for a number of months.

Filming the story has been “very emotional in many aspects,” Georgie exclusively remarked to Digital Spy.

Parker stated, “It’s pretty upsetting to watch how much it’s hurt Alf to have his wife so poorly and that’s affected Roo in many ways as well.”


“Given that Martha has just recently returned to her life and for the sake of her father, she also feels a strong sense of obligation to do everything in her power to preserve her mother’s life. She’s really determined to assist if she can in any way.”

The celebrity explained why Roo was perplexed by Martha’s eventual decision to proceed with the transplant despite her initial reluctance: “She finds it perplexing and wonders, “Why did they go through all of that just for Martha to change her mind?,” but drama happens and people act in dramatic ways.

“In the end, it makes no difference what happens. You will take every necessary action if someone’s life is in risk. In the end, Roo feels that way.

Georgie said, “I believe it’s never really been an easy bond with them both.” “Roo and Martha don’t really know one another that well, but they communicate well. Alf and Martha have discovered one other once more and have experienced a new level of love.


“This is the mother who was not Roo’s mother. They don’t truly have a relationship, despite the fact that she is aware of her challenges and mental health concerns and understands why she left and returned.

“They had to come to an understanding; although Roo is pleased she returned, it wasn’t simple. She must be overjoyed that Martha has agreed and that Roo can offer assistance.”

When questioned about whether she had conducted transplant research while acting, the celebrity said: “Although the reality won’t be shown in great detail, viewers will experience the emotional conflict and the drama that surrounds it.

“It’s not a medical programme, so we can’t go into too much detail about the extensive procedures involved in kidney donation. All of that was slightly compressed. Everything that occurs does so in a condensed amount of time.


“I did have a friend who underwent the procedure; she had to lose a specific amount of weight prior to the procedure, eat a specific diet, and there were specific aftercare procedures she had to complete.”

Georgie predicted that going forward, there will be less for the Stewarts “”Once Martha starts to take the steps to restore her health, everyone starts to relax and see things heading in the right path,” the author continued. Everyone was tremendously anxious at the prospect of her passing away.”

About Roo, “She becomes a little more autonomous and starts moving quickly! She seems more like herself, and I find that having her parents there occasionally is good. It’s wonderful to play off of the fact that she’s truly quite laid back and enjoyable.”

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