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Neighbours confirms Mike Young’s return story as Guy Pearce reprises classic role


Spoilers for Neighbors are below.

As Neighbours enters its last week, many familiar names will return, including Mike Young, a legend of the 1980s.

In addition to being reunited on screen with many others from his age, including his boyhood sweetheart, Jane Harris, Hollywood star Guy Pearce has repeated his legendary role.

If Mike really have his sights set on a reconciliation with Jane that has been in the works for more than 30 years, then his timing is ideal because Jane and Clive’s relationship is in trouble.


Clive is still optimistic that he might win Jane back, but things won’t go well for him when she discovers Byron giving him the watch he left at Danielle’s the next week.

Even though Byron is able to comfort Clive a little by explaining the innocent reason the watch was there, it is obvious that Clive will need to put in a lot of effort if he is to win Jane’s return.

Clive decides to go all out and plans a grand romantic gesture, but before he can execute it, he is horrified to discover that Mike has unexpectedly returned to Erinsborough.

When Clive sees Jane and Mike together, he attempts to be casual while the two of them tour every home on Ramsay Street, including the two where Mike formerly resided.


After a few beers, though, Clive overhears them talking about their past relationships and, unable to contain his resentment any longer, marches to Ramsay Street to confront his love rival.

But is Clive merely going to make matters worse, and are former lovers Mike Young and Jane Harris poised to have a passionate reunion?

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