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EXCLUSIVE: How starting a family changed Home and Away alum Todd Lasance’s outlook on his career


It’s never simple to assume a role that has already been performed by another performer. It might be a daunting task for the performer who steps up to the plate. Do you measure your success against theirs? Do you try to add something unique and novel to the position?

Or do you prefer that no switch will be apparent to the audience?

These were the thoughts going through Todd Lasance’s mind as he reluctantly agreed to replace Michael Dorman as Jack Shaughnessy in season two of The Secrets She Keeps.

Todd, 37, says TV WEEK, “I was frightened to go into it because I wanted to do it justice.


Being in another actor’s shoes is already daunting, so being in a play that has already received such high praise made me tremendously anxious, but I also felt honoured to be a part of it.

He didn’t need to worry, though, because he fit the part perfectly. As unpredictable as the first season was, the second season somehow manages to up the ante on the thrills.

For me, it was one of those page-turners, says Todd. “I couldn’t put the scripts down once I got them… and that’s uncommon.

Being back on Australian territory to shoot has been a blessing for the former star of Home And Away—he played Aden Jefferies from 2005 to 2010—especially after a protracted stay in the United States, where he met his wife Jordan.


He claims he is now content to finally call Australia home after settling down on Queensland’s Gold Coast with his wife and their five-year-old daughter Charlie Rose two years ago.

We’ve lived in a lot of different cities and travelled the globe, but we absolutely adore the Gold Coast, he claims.

It can be challenging at times, but my wife clearly misses her home in the States. It’s a Catch-22 situation because you have this lifestyle, this safety, and this security here but are separated from your family and friends.

“Now that the world has opened up again, there is obviously a lot going on in the US [work-wise], so we want to be able to spend our time between the States and Australia.”


It’s one of the reasons Todd’s career is helpful to the young family. Jordan has to travel to see his family and friends because new jobs are constantly appearing in the US.

However, living out of a bag can be exhausting. And now that Charlie has started school, it’s more crucial than ever to have a house in Australia.

He claims that “the pandemic has put so many things into perspective.”

“In this line of work, you spend a significant portion of your life away from your loved ones. Having a foundation where you feel secure, at ease, and where the sun shines continuously is essential. It is very rejuvenating and nurturing to have some additional steadiness once more.

Jordan and Todd both laud Charlie Rose’s ability to handle their trips as they settle into life in Queensland.

He exclaims, “I might be biassed, but she’s such a phenomenal youngster. “I’m in awe of how quickly she acclimates to new situations, finds friends, and develops relationships. She is the most adorable, kind, and adventurous little soul.


Like countless other parents before him, he is astounded by his daughter’s rapid development.

“It’s all about how valuable the time I have with her is. They [children] are only young once, he claims.

They evolve so swiftly and are always changing. She is really a delight to be with. I want to be with her all the time. Being away from my family for too long, especially while she is so little, is difficult for me since I place a lot of value on my family.

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