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Neighbours Boss Says We’ve Got Those Kylie Minogue Appearance Spoilers All Wrong


Jason Herbison, the show’s executive producer, has batted down rumours that Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan may return to the serial for its final ever episode later this summer.

The couple will reprise their roles as Charlene and Scott Robinson after 34 years when the Australian serial ends in August, having recently recorded a scene for the final episode.

The pop culture weekly PopBitch earlier claimed to have received a leaked screenplay from the end, claiming Charlene and Scott will pull up onto Ramsay Street before saying the show’s closing words: “We’re home.”

Jason, on the other hand, has denied this, telling The Herald Sun: “What I’ve read is not what happens, which is terrific.” It hasn’t been released yet.”


“Seeing Kylie as Charlene was definitely a moment,” he continued. Very special, and I believe it was a true full circle for them as well.”

While Jason refused to divulge any additional information, he described their reunion as “amazing” and “emotional.”

Kylie recently admitted that revisiting her role as Charlene brought up a lot of emotions for her.

“For so long, I was like, ‘oh maybe, hmm, I’m not sure if that makes any sense,'” Kylie remarked in an interview with Today in Australia. “However, I’m still in contact with Jason [Donovan] and Guy [Pearce], and Jason suggested that ‘this could be a wonderful occasion to buckle the buckle,’ as one of my ex-boyfriends used to say, or to round the circle and say thank you.’


“It was nice and touching,” she continued. It was quite an experience driving down Ramsay Street.

“First and foremost, where did all that time go?” Second, everything appears to be same. Finally, it all came flooding back to me: Scott, Charlene, Jayne, Harold.

“There was a lot of discussion about memories and time travel.”

Jason Herbison, the show’s executive producer, had stated that Kylie and Jason “required very little persuasion at all” to return to their soap roles for the last episode.


He told Inside Soap, “They both respect the show and the important significance it has played in their careers.”

“I was overjoyed when they said yes because it’s a beautiful gesture of appreciation for Neighbours.” Ending the show without them didn’t feel right.”

On August 1, Neighbours will air its farewell episode in both the UK and Australia, with a slew of additional characters returning from the show’s 37-year run.

Ian Smith (Harold Bishop), Peter O’Brien (Shane Ramsay), Mark Little (Joe Mangel), Daniel MacPherson (Joel Samuels), and Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) are among them (Izzy Hoyland).

The show’s survival was put in risk earlier this year when UK broadcaster Channel 5 said it would discontinue showing Neighbours this summer.

After failing to find a new UK broadcast partner, it was announced that the show will be cancelled entirely, with executives promising to “finish the show on an extraordinary high.”


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