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Mike and Jane reunited! Neighbours reveals first look pictures as Guy Pearce returns after 33 years for show’s final week


The classic Neighbours duo Mike Young and Jane Harris, whose relationship kept viewers enthralled during the 1980s, reunite right before the show’s conclusion. We promise we’re not crying; it’s been nearly three decades in the making.

The Channel 5 soap’s final episodes, which run the following week, will include Guy Pearce, who played Mike for three years between 1986 and 1989.

In scenes that will go down in history, Mike shows up in Erinsborough, and the best of Ramsay Street are undoubtedly taken aback by his return.

But Jane is the one who is most affected by her ex-unexpected lover’s reappearance; she is completely and utterly stunned.


Pictures of Mike and Jane’s reunion show them talking and catching up with their recent lives as they have a moment outside Lassiter’s hotel.

Although Mike’s homecoming was welcomed by many, it ultimately put a damper on Clive Gibbons’ (Geoff Paine) plans to get back together with Jane after their breakup.

As fans are aware, Jane dated Clive for a number of years before breaking up with him after learning that he was keeping a shocking secret about his relationship with Danielle Pendlebury (Christine Stephen-Daly).

Clive has been adamant about regaining Jane’s trust, and he attempts to do so by making a significant gesture the following week.


However, Mike’s comeback ultimately foils his attempts.

After that, Jane will give Mike a tour of Ramsay Street as they discuss their shared history ahead of the last episode of the Australian television series, in which the houses will be put up for sale.

For the former lovers, old emotions will reawaken, but will passion return?

That remains to be seen, but Clive loses control of his envy and snaps, sparking a heated argument.


Enraged, Clive strikes out at Mike, and the two continue to fight over a lamp!

Since Channel 5 controversially decided to remove Neighbours off their schedules in favour of “original UK drama,” which the broadcaster claims has a “strong appeal” for people, Neighbours, as viewers are aware, is scheduled to end later this month.

Several well-known figures from the past have appeared and will do so in the upcoming weeks.

Guy Pearce, who made his first appearance since leaving in 1989, was confirmed to be one of those former favourites in June.

The actor, who has been in films including Iron Man 3 and Mare of Easttown, added, “It is incredibly exciting and odd at the same time to be back on set, but it feels like coming home.”

It’s the place where my professional career all began.


I’ve been asked to return on several occasions over the years, and each time I questioned if it was the proper thing to do, but once I realised the show was coming to an end, I knew I had to.

“There is nothing like being here all together again,” I said, “even though I’ve caught up with many of the cast members I worked with on the programme over the years.”

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