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Home and Away’s Nikau leads dramatic new rescue in 23 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning July 25.

Monday, July 25:

Mac goes to a diner. She tells Marilyn how Logan didn’t even give her a proper farewell before he departed to reenlist in the army.

The situation for Mac has changed. She is being kicked out of the pier flat by the landlord.

It has been difficult for Dean and Mac to convince the landlord. In addition to the issue of late rent payments, Dean also transgressed the law by allowing Mac to unlawfully sublet.


Dean assists Mac. Pack up her items as soon as possible.

It’s the most recent in a string of issues for Mac. In recent months, her life has been increasingly out of control.

Dean has a thought. Mac is expected to live with him and Ziggy.

Mac finds the offer unexpected. She had been considering relocating to a hotel for some time.


On his invitation, Dean is adamant. It’s like a lifeline to Mac.

Mac returns to the Diner. It’s time to give her the key to her apartment.

Mac makes up the justifications for the move. She asserts that following her breakup with Logan, she voluntarily terminated the contract.

Thursday, July 28:

The beach is in jeopardy. In the water, a swimmer has started to feel uneasy.


Naomi, a newcomer, tells John what transpired. The person in difficulty in the sea is her sister.

Nikau is contacted to handle the predicament. He takes over as the chief lifeguard.

Nikau develops a strategy with the other lifeguards. The rescue boat is launched.

Nikau issues directives. He handles pressure with composure.

Naomi is consoled by John. Naomi is heartbroken by the possibility of losing her sister.

John and Naomi are concernedly looking on. They are aware that each second will be crucial.


John makes an effort to calm Naomi. Nikau has experience dealing with high-stakes circumstances similar to this.

Naomi’s sister is rescued from the ocean by Nikau. She’s unconscious, which is unfortunate.

Naomi’s sister is pulled onto the sand by Nikau. The outcome of her situation is uncertain.

John steps in. They make an effort to restore Naomi’s sister’s breathing.

Nickau helps John. Once more, they work well together.

There is a positive outcome. The swimmer recommences breathing.

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