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Neighbours announces Paul and Terese storyline for final ever episode


The television show Neighbours has suggested that Terese Willis and Paul Robinson might reunite.

In February, Terese filed for divorce from Paul after learning that he had exploited her feelings by lying about his health.

Later, Terese’s Fashion Week event at Lassiters was ruined by Paul as payback for her offence. Terese was horrified that Paul would jeopardise his own company’s image in order to harm her reputation at the time.

Terese has recently warmed back up to Paul after witnessing how much he battled throughout David Tanaka’s stint in prison.


In the episodes airing the following week, Terese confronts a decision as she gets ready to leave Ramsay Street.

By now, Terese has made the decision to purchase River Bend after receiving advice from her new partner Glen Donnelly, Paul’s half-brother.

Paul will be moving to New York City with David, Aaron, and Nicolette.

Terese and Paul are thrust back into each other’s orbits as they begin packing for their separate moves.


When Terese discovers something unexpected, she becomes emotionally distraught, and Glen appears to take the brunt of her distress.

Glen battles with feeling inferior as he observes Terese’s odd mood swings and her clear commitment to Paul.

Terese tries to reassure Glen, but Glen eventually realises something awful.

In the end, this opens the door for Terese and Paul’s romance to once again take centre stage in Neighbours’ hour-long series finale, which airs at a primetime 9pm slot on Channel 5.


Terese and Paul confront their unresolved feelings as Toadie and Melanie’s wedding is underway, according to the episode’s official synopsis.

Could the ex-couple soon get back together?

Neighbors: The Finale airs on Channel 5 on Friday, July 29 at 9:00 p.m.

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