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Meet the Varga-Murphys, Neighbours’ newest family


Neighbours, the venerable soap opera, is returning after being acquired by Amazon Freevee.

After reaching a very gratifying conclusion, the programme has the rare chance to get back up, but did all of the happily ever afters really last?

The relationship between Mike Young (Guy Pearce) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) is one that fans are itching to learn more about.

After spending decades apart, they joyfully reconciled in the show’s finale. However, several people questioned whether they would still be considered a young couple when they returned for the relaunch.


When got up with Jones in Melbourne, she revealed Jane and Mike’s whereabouts for the previous two years.

The house she and Mike are in was once Chloe’s, but Mike purchased it in the most recent episode, and she has been contentedly living there ever since.

“Sam and Mike, where she has been residing, lead a wonderful life!”

Heave hooray. Jones further stated that Mike has been getting well with everyone in Erinsborough, especially when they “jammed out” with Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher).


Regarding the future that awaits Jane and Mike, there’s a whole other story.

“Who knows?” Jones wryly asked. “There’s going to be a drama or two—it’s Neighbours!”

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