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Neighbours’ Alan Fletcher read “the best script ever” in new series


Fans of Neighbours are excitedly awaiting its comeback, and it looks like we will have a lot to enjoy when it debuts on Amazon Freevee.

The actor who plays Karl Kennedy, Alan Fletcher, claims that some of the greatest scripts in the history of the Australian soap opera will be found in the revived series.

Fletcher and his on-screen spouse Jackie Woodburne, who portrays Susan Kennedy, discussed upcoming projects exclusively with

After a two-year time leap, Fletcher revealed where Karl and Susan are, saying, “We’re still at No.28, but a lot has happened around us.”


“They’re reeling from everything going on,” Woodburne continued.

As Fletcher went on, “I recently wrote to our head writer in the UK and said, ‘I’ve read the best script in 28 years.'”

“Some of the greatest things I’ve ever seen is how they crafted the return of Neighbours and the way they crafted what happened to all the characters and why.”

“When we learned what happened in those two years, it’s so complex but so beautifully dovetailed into every character’s story,” Woodburne concurred and said. It is truly magnificent.”


“Everything makes sense at last!” Fetcher chuckled.

Regarding specifics, the well-known soap opera couple remained silent but hinted at several future plot points.

“We have several distinct storylines in the works,” Fletcher said, while Woodburne said, “There will be a significant comedic explosion later in the year with an intriguing storyline that we aren’t allowed to discuss.”

We do know that Holly Hoyland, a.k.a. Lucinda Armstrong-Hall, has returned and is currently residing at the Kennedy home; that certainly sounds problematic!


“There will be amazing stories from that because she is very much Izzy’s daughter and has always been involved in the show in some capacity.” Teased by Fletcher.

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