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Meet the Real life couples of Home and away Cast

On TV, their characters’ love lives are nothing but dramatic. A conventional wedding episode from Home And Away is always an audiences winner from cheating scandals to divorces, whirlwinds of passion, so what are your favourite Home and Away star’s actual romances?

Yeah, the love life of the cast turns out to be just as interesting from cameras.

These may have been a line from Summer Bay to Ray Meagher’s later in life or Cameron Daddo’s epic love story with his wife Ali Daddo because of the long decades-length connection between Lynne McGranger and the reason she refuses to get married.

Just ask Sarah and James Roberts, who last year saw a nod leak into the personal life of the actors on screen between Willow and the pair.

Do not underestimate the successful flick of hair or a few leathers. Maybe only a husband can land you! “Do not underestimate the good flick of hair, the leather and the guts with a punch. It could only land a husband for you! ”

Georgie Parker: love of her life

In the lengthy round, Georgie Parker, who is playing Roo Stewart, isn’t a new player. Before entering motherhood her daughter Holly, now 19 years old, wanted to do it properly, giving birth at 35.

“For a very long time I wanted to be a mother,” she told Good Health. “Only to find the right guy had to wait! I kept seeing people I didn’t want to be a mum, and finally when I was 33 I met my husband. That was just the way it was,” the 55-year-old said.


And Steve Worland, the screenwriter, turned out to be the “right man.” The pair married as husband and wife in December 1999 and last year in two decades.
So, what is the secret to being happy to marry them?

“We owe each other a massive amount of space. It’s not about how we work, we were never joined at the hip. I think a lot of different things are really safe to do,


We have our own wishes, and I truly feel that this helps. As a family and as a couple, we do stuff alone.
Penny McNamee: Young love is conquering all

After falling in love in a school music retreat, Penny McNamee married her high school daughter, Matt Tooker, in 2009.

“I loved him off the bat. “I was a ludicrous 16-year-old girl who thought he was dreaming,’ New Idea told Penny that he plays Dr. Tori Morgan, a resident of Summer Bay.


“She was bubbly confident,” said her Marketing husband. The couple share two delightful children, Jack, a three-year-old son, and Neve, a daughter of one year.

Cameron Daddo: The ideal match

Model Ali Daddo and Cameron tied the knot after meeting at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1992, after just three months. It Pair experienced their fair share of bumps over the years—from Cameron’s infidelity, insolvency, and living outside, but they were able to come out stronger on the other side than ever.

Cameron and Ali shared three of the girls, Lotus’ daughters, twenty-four, and Bodhi, 14, and River’s son, twenty.

Ada Nicodemou: It’s a kind of on-and-off love

Since 2016, since her divorce from husband Chrys Xipolitas in 2015, Ada has been on business with Adam Rigby.

They hadn’t been photographed together for 3 months, allegedly “silently divided” in March, but Ada stated in July that she had amended her husband and posted a loved selfie.


I am in a dream man that makes me so happy and safe, “I am in a dream man that makes me so secure and happy,” I said.

James Stewart and Sarah Roberts: a pair of Home And Away posters

Much like so many couples, James and Sarah met at work. Only the most popular soapy in the country is your place of work. During Sarah’s first scene in the Aussie drama, James who plays Justin Morgan first took an eye. His character Willow rode to Summer Bay, dressed in leather and a medium right hook, and a timetable.

The first person she met in the city was James’ character, Justin.

“I’m nervous and I’ve shot about 8 scenes the day, so the whole thing was,” she explained to TV WEEK, “but Jimmy brought me under his wing [that day]. From him, I learned a lot.”

Chemistry was electric between Willow and Justin, and soon it became the trendy new pair of H&A. The flame erupted into the actors’ personal lives soon and the couple made themselves known in 2017.

“We were friends and things were just changing. It’s really funny, lovely, kind and lovely – plus it’s lovely! Sarah and James tied the knot in Ireland and in Sydney last year with two ceremonies. Then all these things made me attract him.

Ray Meagher: Married secretly in 2010

In 2010 Ray married a long-term acquaintance and former nurse, Gilly Meagher, in a low-key secret tradition. In 2010.

We just left and did all the things that you both were there before,” and then eventually told some people that mattered to us. “When you both were there before and you didn’t want fuss and carry on and all the same.” Both of us are very pleased.”


While Alf was the father of four children with his H&A character, Ray never had his own family as he made his career a priority. However, his step-daughter has a close friendship.

I’ve got Rebecca (Gilly’s daughter) stepdaughter who’s in the early 1940s and I speak to her for brekky or brunch at least once a week when the schedule of home and away allows, which could be one and a half nights and that I love. I’m really happy.

Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman: Crazy Love

The player of Ziggy and Dean Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor were offended by Instagram earlier in 2019, in what we can only describe as a match formed in a fine, unquestionable heaven. The two characters on the screen date on the show and are ridiculously adorable together.

But, unlike many of their lovebirds, Sophie and Patrick met long before they stepped into the fictional little town. Sophie told The Morning Show about their romance roots, “We met each other in uni – together we went to play school years ago.

Lynne McGranger: Do not get married if it isn’t broken!

For more than 30 years Lynne McGranger has been in real life with her husband Paul McWaters, but her on-screen character Irene can be in love with unhappiness.

Besides being a nice person, I never could do what I did on Home And Away if it wasn’t for him. He has been named husband and primary profession of Clancy, “I would never have done what I did on Home And Abroad, apart from being a wonderful man if it were not for him. “He’s incredible as a housewife and primary carer for Clancy. We really like each other and make each other laugh.”

Sam Frost: To hold us guessing

Sam Frost, 31, confirmed having split with partner Dave Bashford after months of speculation. A speaker at the time said, ‘There is no longer any friendship between Sam Frost and Dave Bashford. They stay, big fellows,”

However, the pair have been seen spending time together on a regular basis since the split was reported and their fun catch-ups were always shared on Instagram. Watch that room!


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