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Kate Ritchie makes announcement after career break


After taking a sabbatical from her Nova radio show last year, Kate Ritchie has given her fans an update on her professional goals.

After taking a lengthy hiatus from her Nova radio show in October of last year, Kate Ritchie has announced that she will return to air in just a few weeks.

Ritchie, 44, a former star of Home And Away, encouraged her Instagram fans to tune in on Monday when the show returns to the airways by praising her radio co-hosts Joel Creasey and Tim Blackwell.

She also stated in the same post that she will be offline for “a few more weeks.”


After a “hectic” year, Ritchie shocked listeners by announcing in October that she would be taking a vacation from the show.

“This past year has been crazy for my family and I, as some of you may have heard from me on the show today. Like many of you, I have experienced a lot of change in a short period of time, and it has had an impact,” she posted on social media.

So, in order to give myself and my family more time to reenergize, I’ve decided to take a brief break.

However, Ritchie acknowledged a few weeks later that it had been difficult to take the time off from work.


The former child star admitted to the Juggling Act podcast, “It was a really hard decision because I’ve been working since I was an eight-year-old child and I think that I thrive by having a routine every day.”

“I struggle to spend time alone myself. I’ve accomplished so much this year, but it’s finally time for me to state with certainty, “This is what I need.”

Ritchie admitted that she needed to “slow down,” but she was concerned about what people would think if she ended her radio show early for the year.

I believe I’m in a pretty fortunate position in that Nova has been fully supportive, so I’m not going away. They say, “If this is what you need, we want you back in 2023,” with entire generosity and support. So, carry it out.


The Australia’s Got Talent judge recently shared a photo of her daughter Mae with her former Home and Away co-star Ray Meagher on Instagram.

Breakfast with these two priceless people was wonderful, she wrote.

Ritchie’s sabbatical hasn’t been all rest and leisure, though; before Christmas, she publicly criticised the Daily Mail for publishing paparazzi images of her in front of a mental health facility, which she referred to as a “terrible invasion of privacy.”

The single mother explained how recent events caused her to become “unhealthily dependent on booze,” which prompted her to discreetly seek help.

She wrote, “I choose to use this time to do something constructive by acquiring the assistance I require from experts who specialise in this field.

“As everyone would see, taking this step is a very significant one for me.


“The Daily Mail’s relentless surveillance of me has prompted me to release this public statement, in their brazen attempt to publicly shame me on a private health situation. It is a stunning invasion of my privacy,” I said.

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