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Home & Away: Jan 30 – Feb 2


A sinister showdown and a surprising arrival both happen in Summer Bay.

Home and Away is already hinting to a new arrival and a sinister showdown in Summer Bay starting on January 30 following their understated 35th birthday.

The eagerly anticipated birth of Dean (Paddy O’Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) adds a new member to Australian television’s hottest coupling in Home and Away.

The pair is stunned by a more unexpected arrival, though, as Ziggy’s unpredictable pregnancy comes to an end: Karen, Dean’s domineering mother (Georgia Adamson). Ziggy’s period starts before Dean and she can come up with a strategy to get rid of her.


Dean is left to care for his mother, who has camped out at the delivery room, as the pregnant woman, who is terrified, goes into labour. The moment Baby Thompson is welcomed into the world, everyone is happy despite Karen’s involvement. The joy, however, is fleeting as the new parents encounter their greatest obstacle. Will things out out badly for them after all?

Could one life be beginning, while another may be coming to an untimely end?

When he is abducted and taken to a hidden location at the command of bikie top-dog Tex, cop-turned-vigilante Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) finds his life hanging by a thread (Lucas Linehan).

The resident officer of Summer Bay is held at gunpoint for a terrible final encounter by Tex, who has escaped prison had a score to settle with Cash. All hope looks lost because he is lost and there is no one to save him from the ruthless attackers. Will Cash’s fight against the bikers end with his death?


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