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Home and Away’s Cash and Felicity get blast from the past in 23 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning January 23.

January 23, 2019: John is interested in the impending wedding.
The Summer Bay nitpicker inquires as to Cash’s decision over his intention to invite Gary, his foster father, to Tane and Felicity’s wedding.

On January 25, Theo makes an effort to make amends.
He failed to show up for a Lyrik concert at Salt, leaving Mac out of pocket, and now he owes her money.

On January 25, Justin and Theo collaborate.
They provide a free performance in front of Salt in an effort to promote Mac.


Wednesday, January 25: Theo is happy when a large audience is attracted by the music.
They might be successful in making a profit with Mac.

Stacey and Xander notice the gig on January 25.
The relationship between the two is still in its infancy.

On January 25, Stacey and Xander are having fun.
To the music playing outside the restaurant, they dance.

Wednesday, January 25: Stacey and Xander are infatuated with one another, and Stacey admires Xander’s spontaneity.


On January 26th, Cash receives a text message.
Gary, his foster father, is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but he has yet to inform Felicity that he has been invited.

On January 26th, Gary will come.
Peter Phelps, a former Baywatch star, plays the part.

a. On January 26th: Cash is tense.
He doesn’t know how Felicity will respond when Gary shows up.

a. On January 26th: Cash is aware that Felicity and Gary have never gotten along.
Felicity was always treated nicely by Gary, but their relationship never developed because of her sorrow over her parents’ passing.


a. On January 26th: Gary recognises the situation
He realises that Felicity isn’t anticipating him.

On January 26th, when Gary visits the diner, Cash meets him and introduces him to everyone.

Gary is welcomed warmly by Irene, Marilyn, and Roo on January 26.
They are happy to finally meet someone who was so important to Cash and Felicity’s upbringing.

On January 26th, Gary is also welcomed by Alf.
He pledges to be available for Gary’s needs.

On January 26th, Cash and Gary discuss the problem.
When Felicity saw Gary, she was enraged.

On January 26, Gary expressed sympathy for Felicity.
He comprehends her feelings and how they came to be.


a. On January 26th: Cash is hoping to reunite the family.
Can they all come together before the nuptials?

On January 26th, Tane and Gary have a chance encounter.
He makes an introduction.

On January 26th, Tane is torn.
He comprehends why Felicity is furious, but he also wants to show her foster father respect.

On January 26th, Xander and Rose talk.
They talk about Xander and Stacey’s relationship.

On January 26, Xander was struck by a curveball.
Stacey has made it plain that she doesn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship with him and wants to date other people as well.

On January 26th, Rose is dubious.
She doesn’t have anything against Stacey’s choices, but she isn’t sure it’s the best course of action for Xander.

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