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Jason Donovan’s father Terence and daughter Jemma set to join him on upcoming Neighbours finale


The Donovan acting family has confirmed that all three generations will be there for the much anticipated Neighbours finale on Thursday.

In a first for Neighbours, the 54-year-old Jason, his father Terence, and daughter Jemma will all appear together on TV at the show’s conclusion in their respective roles.

Jason will be seen on Ramsay Street for the first time since his character Scott Robinson relocated to Brisbane in 1989.

Terence Donovan, 79, the star of the television series Breaker Morant, will make one final appearance as Doug Willis, a part he has intermittently played since 1990.


Additionally, Jemma, who has played Harlow Robinson on the show since 2019, will finally get to work with her father and grandfather.

Terence expressed his admiration for the show to the Herald Sun on Tuesday, saying that it gave many aspiring actors a chance to break through.

He told the outlet, “It’s done fantastic things to put a bit of Australia on the screens of the world.”

The prospects that this show afforded Jason and Kylie Minogue are appreciated, he continued, so it’s a wonderful thing.


The Neighbours finale promises to be a star-studded affair as other series vets including Bombshell actress Margot Robbie, singers Kylie Minogue and Delta Goodrem, Memento actor Guy Pearce, and Rogue Trader Natalie Bassingthwaighte have all indicated they will be returning.

After being cancelled by its original network, Channel 5, where it had spent the previous 14 of its 37 years on British TV, the troubled soap opera was left with an unclear future.

After a “extensive hunt for alternative funding” came up empty, Fremantle Media, the production company in charge of its development, announced that it will be taken off the air.

But once Kylie and Jason got married on-screen in front of Scott and Charlene and two million Australians on July 1, 1987, the show became unstoppable in the 1980s.


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