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Neighbours’ Toadfish Rebecchi star Ryan Moloney announces career change as soap ends


As the 37-year run of the serial opera Neighbours on Channel 5 comes to an end, Toadfish star Ryan Moloney has revealed an unexpected career transition. Actor Toadie Rebecchi is enrolled in a course on civil construction.

“Nothing is being ruled out. I’m enrolled in a civil construction school that focuses on operating excavators and constructing roads “According to Ryan, The Daily Telegraph “I enjoy using those kinds of devices for amusement. I enjoy performing earthworks and other manual labor-intensive tasks.

That’s where I am right now, but who knows how it will all turn out? In 2017, he stated on ITV Lorraine: “Ironically, it happened when we switched from Channel 10 to Channel 11 in Australia.

“Usually, when the channel changes, the show is about to end. I called my wife and said, “I need to get a new job,” but business has been booming.”


Additionally, he recently commented on Neighbours’ axe, saying: “I reasoned that the time is now. I am actually very happy that I was able to do that and experience the end since I have always said that I wanted to ride the wave all the way to shore. What a fantastic thing to be able to accomplish, “Added he.

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