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Holly Valance and Natalie Imbruglia’s surprise Neighbours return


Two major cameos for Thursday night’s Neighbours finale, starring London-based Australians Holly Valance and Natalie Imbruglia, were well guarded secrets among the multitude of returning actors.

For a one-minute scenario that included their characters running into each other and exchanging tales about their time on Ramsay St., Valance, 39, and Imbruglia, 47, reproduced their Neighbours roles.

Imbruglia, who played Beth Brennan on Neighbours from 1992 to 1994, and Valance, who played Flick Scully from 1999 to 2002, had their debut appearance on the serial opera together.

In London, where they both currently reside, the two actors shot their scene together.


After “Neighbours,” both continued to have successful musical careers, with Imbruglia releasing six albums, including the international hit “Left of the Middle.” Before she mostly abandoned performing, Valance’s musical career had a succession of successful singles in the early 2000s and burned brightly but short.

similar success stories in music While Valance and Imbruglia’s cameos were kept under wraps and merely rumoured about, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s reappearance as Scott and Charlene played a significant part in Ten’s promotions for the TV event.

Since marrying billionaire real estate developer Nick Candy in 2012, Valance has generally maintained a low public profile. Imbruglia continues to make songs and perform; her most recent album was Firebird last year. She has been in some unexpected places, such as the Mar-A-Lago resort of former US President Donald Trump in April, where she and Candy snuggled up for a meet-and-greet with the man himself. The duo was recently seen on camera attending the UK Conservative Party Summer Ball.

Guy Pearce, Peter O’ Brien, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Olympia Valance, Ian Smith, Daniel MacPherson, and many more former Neighbours actors returned to say goodbye to the soap after 37 years and 8903 episodes.


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