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Jasmine Delaney’s home and away to face painful jail visits in new scenes

How’s it going?

For UK and Australian readers, Home and Away spoilers.

In spite of her mixed emotions about his dark crime, Home and Away’s Jasmine Delaney will pay a visit to Colby Thorne in jail.

Jasmine goes off to see Colby in the Australian season finale episode next week which on Monday evening plays out in a 90-minute time slot (November 30).

Viewers know that one of Colby’s best friends was Jasmine (Sam Frost) before he was sent to jail for Ross Nixon’s murder.

Jasmine was also considering asking him to have a baby with her so they could co-parent before Colby’s crime caught up with him.

Colby’s lover Taylor Rosetta left Summer Bay with her husband Angelo in Thursday’s triple bill of episodes on Channel 7 in Australia as they vowed to get their marriage back on track.

She asked Jasmine to pass her best wishes on to Colby before Taylor left (Tim Franklin). As she was not intending to make any visits to the prison, Jasmine insisted that this was not on the cards, but Taylor encouraged her to rethink this.

Later, Jasmine confided about her big problem to Irene Roberts. She acknowledged that she was unable to comprehend his horrible crime because she wanted to be there for Colby.

Irene suggested that Jasmine wasn’t supposed to be too hard on her friend because both of them knew what kind of a guy Ross was.

The words of Irene seem to have an effect on Jasmine as she heads ahead with next week’s visit.

Jasmine shows Colby her support by pledging to be there for him, but what kind of reaction is she going to receive?

In early 2021, Home and Away viewers in the UK can see these scenes on Channel 5.

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