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7 Spoilers Home and Away have lined up their dramatic final season.

In the UK, Home and Away might already be off-air, but fans are gearing up in Australia for a final slice of this year’s Summer Bay action.

On Monday (November 30), the show will air its dramatic 90-minute season finale, featuring some major storylines that are sure to end the year with a bang.

Home and Away has been shooting on all cylinders on Oz screens in recent weeks, with the trial of Colby Thorne and the dramatic Witness X discovery holding viewers gripped.

As we move on to the last episode of the year, here’s how the big final plots of the season are set up.

  • Armed robbery of Tane and Ari

The decision of Tane to return to his criminal ways sparked a devastating sequence of events for his family. After losing track of an expensive supply of drugs, Tane is in debt to some dangerous enemies: Paul and Leon.

Tane and his brother Ari have already tried to repay the offenders by carrying out a dodgy job for them but the ruthless Paul and Leon will not let them go so easily.
With the first task, Paul and Leon have sneakily secured photo evidence of them breaking the law, seeking to keep Tane and Ari doing their dirty job for a while longer.

These incriminating photos are sufficient to send Ari back to prison, so he and Tane obviously have no choice but to carry out Paul and Leon’s next high-stakes mission, an armed robbery.

Ari and Tane sent Ari and Tane back to New Zealand for a while this week’s Australian episodes to prevent him from doing harm. Ari then finished the week by collecting final details on the criminal job.

This storey will take centre stage in Monday’s final chapter, and we can’t help feeling that Ari and Tane’s involvement in the saga looks set to go awfully wrong.

  • Colby is in danger

Colby in risk After pleading guilty to Ross Nixon’s murder after the betrayal of Witness X, Colby was sentenced to 25 years in jail. He has since begun serving his sentence behind bars, but because we saw characters like Bella and Taylor visit him in prison, he hasn’t left the show yet.

In recent days, a number of Colby’s loved ones have voiced their concerns for his prison safety. Bella and Dean are well aware that cops are a basic focus for violent inmates, putting Colby in a vulnerable role.

So far, Colby has managed to avoid others from finding out about his former work as a local Summer Bay policeman, but the season finale next week will see his secret exposed in jail.

This inevitably puts Colby at risk, and with Home and Away’s “Every day could be their last” final promo warning, some fans wonder if this storey could have a fatal ending.

  • Love triangle of Ziggy’s

Ziggy dumped Dean a few weeks ago when she discovered his role in covering up Ross’s assassination. She has been growing closer to Tane since then but Dean is not prepared to let their relationship fall by the wayside too easily.

After many and we say many) attempts to win over Ziggy recently, Dean will continue with his reunion efforts in the final. The big question is, though with Tane continuing his own attempts to charm Ziggy, whether she could be swayed in another direction.

Images of Paparazzi taken at Palm Beach have shown that Ziggy and Tane finally become a couple, but fans will have to stay tuned to see whether this romantic development happens in the finale or not.

  • The storey of the stolen van

Just when we thought we’d heard the last one in the season finale, the chaos around Tane’s stolen van will return to haunt Ziggy in the garage.

After landing a job there himself, Tane briefly deposited a van containing stolen goods and drugs in the garage a few weeks ago. She told Tane to move it to her house when Ziggy found out, so that it would not affect the business.

Alas, the season finale shows police descending into the garage and beginning to hunt for stolen goods in the place. The case puzzles Justin, while Ziggy worries that her prints will be on the van after she gets rid of it for Tane.

Eventually, Tane confesses to Justin about how he was involved with the garage in his dodgy dealings. Justin is likely to be upset about what was going on in his absence.

  • The son of Martha makes his mark

Home and Away has recently launched Rick Donald in the role of Kieran, who’s the estranged son of Martha. Recently, after Martha admitted to Alf that she had forgotten to mention having an adult son, he came to Summer Bay.

Martha has also explained part of the backstory, clarifying that Kieran is an alcoholic and his drinking strained their relationship. Upon his arrival, Kieran has confirmed this, telling Alf that he is now sober and needs to make it right with Martha.

Kieran’s storey will also play a role in the finale, as Alf starts asking if he gets the full storey. In the show’s preview, Kieran punching a tree in frustration is also seen. Is there more to him than meets the eye?

  • Rocky road over Tori and Christian?

The relationship between Tori and Christian has faced its fair share of obstacles over the past few months. Most recently, the pair argued about Tori’s actions towards Jasmine, prompting Christian at the moment to issue an ultimatum about the “three persons” in their relationship.

In the season finale, Christian is optimistic that he and Tori will really move forwards so he proposes the chance for him to permanently move to Summer Bay. Could they find themselves on safe ground, actually?

  • Next big plot for Jasmine

Jasmine has seemed to be at a loose end recently, seeking to move on from her difficult year. We know that some scenes in the final will show her visiting Colby in prison, agreeing to support him, despite her conflicting feelings about his crime.

Although a brand new plot is also on the horizon for Jasmine, as one of her old flames has been rumoured to arrive in the finale.

In the role of newcomer Lewis, who will reconcile with Jasmine when they come face-to-face again, Luke Arnold was cast.

“Luke recently told TV Tonight, “They had a real bond, there were flirty moments, but it never really turned into a relationship.

“The first part of the storey is all about him finding out how he can move on from a recent disaster he has been through and if Jasmine will play a role in that.”

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