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Inside Home and Away star Anna May Samson’s life – trolling hell, soap exit and co-star romance


Anna May Samson, the former star of Home and Away, has had a busy few years on and off screen.

Over the past two years, the 32-year-old actress has had a brief but memorable role as Summer Bay resident Mia Anderson on the Australian soap.

Her character Mia is scheduled to make an emotional goodbye after she just left the series.

It is set after the death of Mia’s husband Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), who died of terminal cancer shortly after the couple married.


Anna has fought with toxic trolls in her personal life and navigated a romance with her on-screen co-star Lee Jones.

The Daily Star looks into her life.

Hellish trolling

Anna brought up about the horrific cyberbullying she had received once it was announced that she would be joining Home and Away in March of last year.


The actress lambasted the “culture of online bullying” in an Instagram statement, pleading with trolls to “find something better to do.”

She stated: “People still believe it is acceptable to shame, criticise, and harass women because of their appearance.

“I’d advise these social media bullies to do something more productive with their time.

“You are complicit in a highly problematic and deadly culture.”


Exiting the soap

Mia, Anna’s character on Home and Away, is scheduled to leave the show after trying to move on from her husband Ari’s sad death.

While Mia’s daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) first persuaded her to try again at Summer Bay without Ari, Mia soon realised that life on the shore without Ari is simply too difficult.

Mia is granted a one-way ticket to New Zealand by Ari’s brother Tane (Ethan Browne) with Chloe’s consent, and she takes advantage of the opportunity for closure by departing from Home and Away after an emotional farewell supper with her loved ones.

Meanwhile, her daughter remains at home.

Romance between co-stars



While Anna’s character Mia in Home and Away suffered sadness when her husband Ari died, Anna had a happy relationship with one of her co-stars.

In a 2021 episode of the serial, the actress was dating fellow actor Lee Jones, who played Ambulance Officer Luke.

After meeting on the shooting of the 2017 mini-series Wake in Fright, the two started dating.

Their current relationship status is unknown, as the couple has been absent from each other’s social media feeds since April 2021.

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