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Home And Away’s Matt Tooker high school baby Penny McNamee relationship will restore your confidence in love.

Actriz Penny McNamee and her husband Matt Tooker show real-life fairies still exist in a world of dating applications and swiping correct.

In 1999, Penny fell in love at a school music camp and married Matt Tooker ten years later. 10 years later she married Matt Tooker.

“I was just going to school, Matt played in the French horn in the orchestra – if any nerdier could be – and I was in the chorus,” Penny, player of Tori Morgan at home & away, told New Idea about their fateful first encounter. “It was in 1999 in our music camp.

Off the bat, I loved him. I was a ludicrous girl 16 who felt he was absolutely dreamy.
Her husband who does marketing added, she was positive and bubbling.

Your way to romance has however not come without a few bumps, the couple having gone for two years.
We were only 19, and we both knew we had to live and go – the 37 years old starlet announced that we wanted to research and fly.
Although we loved each other really, we decided to break up, which was devastating.
They finally returned together and history is the rest!
The couple share with each other two adorable daughters, Jack and Neve, who are three years old.

The mother-of-two knows her relationship can no longer be contradictory to Tori’s love life on-screen character.

She is a phenomenon of complete participation and I am quite the contrary. She explained to entertainment website things that I married my high school mate, enjoyed being married and love having a family.

Have a look at the love story of Penny and Matt, in pictures!


In July, when Penny was celebrating his 38th birthday, he shared a nice throwback with her husband. On this 20th day of Matt’s eighteenth birthday, 20 years ago,” she’s writing together with a laugh-out emojis. Happy birthday of my love, you’re just getting better.

On their wedding day, Penny and Matt spend a fun time.

Penny put out this beautific throwback and mused to mark his ten-year wedding anniversary.

I have to rehabilitate a terrible home. I have been in New York for 4 years without money, without visas and without friends. I have to give up steady job chasing dreams and starting a company. I have to give a financial help each other when the chips are down. I want to go out with the night and get up to the kids.

The pair are the proud parents of Jack, 3, and Neve, 1


Look at these two! Look at these two! Jack’s big brother is doting over his little sister.



Beauty bumping! Penny, Matt (and Jack out of shot) wedded up just before Neves arrived last year for a friend’s wedding.

The pair splits briefly after two years of dating like many young couples who fell loved during their young adulthood.



Fortunately, both were meant to be together.

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