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Home and Away character to fight for life after shooting


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Next week, the UK will see a shocking shooting plot in Home and Away.

As the Parata family’s issues with a biker group intensify, Cash Newman gets caught in the crossfire.

Tane Parata resolves to work with the authorities to deal with Tex Wheeler and his associates once and for all after becoming tired of their threats.


Tane confronts the gang at their covert location while wearing a wire. Tane asks the dangerous leader Marty to discuss the details of a money-laundering scheme at the gym.

Tane anticipates that Marty will say enough to implicate himself when he is wearing a wire and Rose Delaney and her colleagues are listening in.

The police arrive when Marty slips up and says enough to get himself into trouble.

After a challenging few days, Cash is distracted and neglects to put on a bulletproof vest before entering the danger zone. When he is shot in the ensuing confusion, this backfires disastrously.


Bree Cameron, a brand-new physician in the facility, is in charge of Cash’s care. Cash is brought in for surgery, but shortly afterward, he experiences a heart collapse, further deteriorating his health.

When Bree realises that Cash may be internally bleeding, she sends him for more surgery.

Rose can’t help but take responsibility for what transpired, feeling guilty that Cash wasn’t protected from gunfire during the police operation she was in charge of.

After surgery, Cash’s family finds out that he has been placed in an induced coma. Will he recover from this?


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