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Home and Away’s Xander Delaney to turn the tables on Rose in new story


Rose receives more than she anticipated in the end.

In the TV show Home and Away, Rose Delaney gets the brunt of her brother Xander’s joke after interfering with his romantic life.

In upcoming scenes, Xander and Rose will visit the beach in Summer Bay where Xander, feeling self-assured after experiencing a setback with his mental health, attracts the attention of a passing Bree Cameron.

Rose is interested in the nature of Xander and Bree’s connection, so she pays attention to their interactions.


Later, Xander chooses to invite Bree to join them for lunch, which only serves to raise Rose’s suspicion. After the doctor discloses that Xander is well-liked by the nurses, Rose decides to take matters into her own hands and adamantly informs Bree that her brother is not married.

However, Xander is humiliated by his sister’s assumptions, admitting that Bree is actually married and insisting that the two are simply good friends.

Bree and Xander decide to pull a joke on Rose in order to teach his sister a lesson. They first set her up with an account on a dating app while pretending to be in a relationship.

When Rose’s phone starts to ring nonstop with notifications from the dating app “Smoulder,” the couple are up to no good, and Xander is forced to admit that he set up the account.


To Bree and Xander’s delight, Rose doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention and decides to retain the app after all.

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